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    Which game platform register for gold coins


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    1. In the first step, the driver must obtain the qualification certificate for online car rental. That is, "people's syndrome" is mainly aimed at the driver. With this certificate, you can be qualified to run a car. Without this certificate, at the legal level, you are not qualified to run an online car. Apply for the online car driver's license process (take Wuhan, Hubei as an example) 1. Data preparation 1. Original and photocopy of ID card (if it is a foreign account, you need to provide the original and photocopy of the residence permit in this city) 2.复印件(驾龄需满3年,无犯罪记录,三年内无扣满12分记录等) 3. 一寸照片(红底)2张二、报名前往交通部门主管单位提交以上资料报名(如武汉,就是You can register for the traffic windows of any district government affairs center) 3. Qualification query to be registered for a week, call the guest management office examination center to check whether the candidate status is qualified (qualifying can go to the examination center to make an appointment exam. Consultation Reasons) 4. Those who pass the preliminary examination of the appointment examination bring a photo of one inch, the original ID card, the original driver's license goes to the Wuhan customer management office examination center to make an appointment and pay the examination fee (only WeChat and Alipay, cash and bank card) V. The formal exam is a computer operation. There are two subjects. Each subject requires more than 40 points. The national public question and Wuhan net car area title (the test is qualified for 10 days to receive the certificate, and the admission ticket must be reserved for the reimbursement) Revisit the "Report" in the background of the public account) 6. Those who pass the examination center for the issuance center of the issuance of the certificate, go to the district government center to receive the "Online Appointment Taxi Driver Certificate" in the district government center, only you will take the employment qualification certificate first, you Be qualified to apply for a transportation certificate! Step 2, car! The car should be compliant. That is, the "car certificate" is mainly aimed at the vehicle. Every city will have a new ride -hailing policy. If you want to run online, your car must meet the requirements of the new urban policy, so what? Let's take a look at your own car unsatisfactory. It mainly depends on whether fuel models, new energy models, and hybrid models meet the requirements of the licenses. For details, please refer to the local online ride -hailing rules or the local transportation department for detailed consultation, such as local policies: invoice price, wheelbase, range mileage, mileage, mileage, mileage, mileage, mileage, mileage, and mileage. Power and other requirements. Now there are quantities of transportation permits in each city. If you want to apply for a transportation certificate, you can apply through a platform for online car rental qualifications! Of course, the platform must hold an operating permit in the city to be qualified to apply. The "Online Appointment Taxi Business License" is mainly aimed at the platform. (Feng Yun Travel has held a business license in 31 cities) Provide relevant information according to the requirements of the platform for preliminary examination. After the preliminary examination, the preliminary review went to the public security department to register or change the vehicle, register the nature of the vehicle or change the nature of the vehicle to the reservation passenger transport. At the same time, it installed a satellite positioning device, purchased insurance, and signed an agreement to access the platform on the same platform. All the above processes have gone, submit the final information, and wait for the review to obtain a certificate. Step 3: "Online Appointment Taxi Business License". Mainly targeting the platform. It has been said in the second step, and you can join the platform where you hold the "Online Appointment Taxi Business License".

    2. What materials are good for decoration of hydropower 1. What are the materials of hydropower decoration? , Double opening and dual -controls and other switches; air -conditioning sockets, telephone sockets, two -eye sockets, two -eye sockets, etc.; : Main lamps, suction lamps, spotlights, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, mirror front lights, bedside lamps, etc.; (6) Auxiliary materials: horizontal tube, in -box joint lock buckle, waterproof tape, circuit breaker, triangular valve, return wire, various types of floor drains, hooks, etc. 2. What should you pay attention to when choosing hydropower decoration materials (1) PVC must not be used as a hot water pipe. PVC will get rid of hot water due to its own material. (2) All types of sockets must be available, and the number is a little bit, especially in the living room and bedroom. (3) The most important thing for buying hydropower decoration materials is to consider its safety. Don't be greedy and cheap, let alone luck. (4) Listen to the opinions of professionals to buy hydropower decoration materials, and you must not listen to the family blindly. The work that needs to be prepared by the decoration of hydropower 1. Do a good job of spatial division of each function room, plane furniture layout, and strong decorative modeling ceiling layout diagram. For example, the placement and size of the equipment such as bed, wardrobe, computer table and other equipment, the size and placement of the dining table, the audiovisual effects required for the audiovisual room, and so on. 2. Various electrical appliances, equipment models in the kitchen and bathrooms that personal preferences. For example, the overall design scheme of the kitchen (completed by the kitchen cabinet designer) is directly related to the determination of the kitchen water and electricity scheme; there are many choices of water heaters, gas, electricity (also stored heat species, heat), solar energy, wall -hung boiler heating There are many types of water and 24 -hour community water heater system.

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