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    What kind of poker game can play with a few friends on the Internet


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. The Bible is a shock of God. For those who believe in, people can change their lives, and life will change with the changes in the life of believers. (But the growth of Christians requires a process, not to say that the Lord will understand everything immediately; and some people say that they believe it at all. In fact, it is not believed at all.) For example I do n’t think it ’s like, but after reading the Book of Lord, I know that I should n’t be greedy and occupy other people’ s things. Since then, I wo n’t get it. This is the change of life. As for people who do not believe, naturally they will not believe in the Bible, let alone change themselves because of God's Word. "Bible" Empress Timo 3:16 The Bible is all implied by God. .. 3:17 The people who are God can be completely and prepare for all kinds of good deeds.

    2. Generally use grass carp. However, the white catfish is also very good, the taste is still good, but the fish should not be too small, too little thorns are too good. Method: The raw material of pickled fish: white catfish (more than 4 pounds) of pickled fish ingredients: seasoning of green onions, ginger pickled fish: cooking wine, pepper, salt 1. Put the fish from the head to the tail to the dorsal fin and wash Clean up the black film inside the fish belly, and apply white wine or cooking wine after the water is cool and dry (can also be dried with cloth). Sum and pepper (10-15 grams per catty); 3. Place the smeared fish in the container for 3-5 days (marinated when the temperature is high); The hook is firm, hanging in the ventilated sun for 3 days, after 3 days of blowing in the ventilated yin, the wind is made of semi -dry. After half a month, you can wash the dust and pepper on the fish with warm water, cut or cut into strips and sprinkle Onion, ginger, steaming for 30 minutes after steaming. Note: 1. The unknown bell fish can store the freezer of the refrigerator to prevent the wax fish from being dry. 2. Before cooking, be sure to soak the salt with water before cooking; remove the scales and sliced ​​slices of salt removal fish. 3. Small spines should not be made. 4. This dish can also be cooked or fried.

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