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    What are the NBAs who have changed their names?


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    1. The NBA team's name is

      The Atlantic Zone
      Celtics -Celtics was established in the summer of 1946, when the boss Walter Brown. The origin of the team's name was discussed from Brown and the team staff MCHUGH. The initial proposal included a whirlwind, Unicorns unicorn and Olympics Olympic. But in the end, Brown suddenly thought of, proposed, and finally determined the name Celtics. Because Boston's population at the time was almost all Irish, Celtics was commemorating the first batch of Irish immigrants who came to North America at the time to land in Boston.

      Knicks -Knicks is an abbreviation. The Knicks built in 1946, and the boss at the time was Ned Irish. The team's naming was discussed by several staff members such as Irish and Knicks Executive Fred Podesta. At that time, they wrote down their favorite names in their hats. Finally, the votes found that the vast majority of people suggested using this name and set it down. It refers to a lantern pants just over the knee that was worn by Dutch immigrants at the time. Therefore, the choice is to commemorate the Dutch in the new world of New York in the 17th century. In the history of New York, the image of these Dutch immigrants has always been a symbol of New York. In the early 19th and 20th centuries, the logo of New York City was "FATHER". Their typical dresses include cotton wigs, triangular hats, buckle shoes and lantern pants! Their image can be seen from the movie "Gangs of New York". But it is not interesting that the earliest name of New York was not the basketball team, but a baseball team in 1845.

      The network team -the New Jersey Network team in 1967, when the name was New Jersey American, the Western Ozer American team. At that time, the team was still another league ABA (American), which was one of the first 11 teams when ABA was established. The boss at the time was Arthur Brown, and the team moved to 6 different venues in the city of New York. In 1968, New Jersey Americans finally settled in New York City and renamed New York Nets. The reason for the selection of Nets network teams was very funny. At that time, Brown listened to a reporter's suggestion, thinking that the pronunciation of Nets and the New York Metropolitan baseball team METS and the New York jet rugby team Jets were escorted, so American was changed to Nets. With the annexation of ABA in 1976, the New York Internet team joined the NBA. Since the NBA already had a symbol of the New York Knicks at the time, it was difficult for the online team to compete with the Knicks team in the same city. Therefore, I chose to move to 40 miles away from New York City. New Jersey Network Team.

      76 -Philadelphia 76ers founded in 1949. It was originally called Syracuse Nationals Sirachus National Team. This year, the National Team and five other teams in the western region have joined the NBA, making the league reach 17 teams. In 1963, the National Team was bought by two Philadelphia IRV KOSLOFF and Ike Richman and transferred to Philadelphia in the same year. On August 6, 1963, the National Team officially renamed the 76ers. The name is to commemorate the 1776 American Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, similar to 49 people in NFL, and commemorating the age of cash ore in San Francisco.

      Wizard -Washington Witcher Team was called Chicago Packers Chicago Packing Person in 1961. In 62 years, it was renamed the Zephyrs West Wind team. In the 63rd, the team moved to Battimor and renamed the Baltimore Bullets Battimore Bullet. In 1974, the Barmore Bullet moved to Washington and renamed Washington Bullet. Because he was later accused of a tendency to violence, Abe Pollin, the team owner of the team on May 15, 1997, decided to rename the name to cooperate with the team's anti -violence activities. The name of the wizard won the name of the fans from the last 3 options.

      Magic -Due to the expansion of the NBA in 1989, many teams, including the Orlando Magic team, were established. The city of Disney in the United States is the biggest feature of Orlando, Florida, and Magic is the dream Disney representing Orlando. Another major feature is Back Street, which is also the reason for BOYS from Orlando.

      The hot team -Miami Hot Team was established in 1988, one year earlier than the Orlando Magic in Tongzhou, but it also caught up with the NBA expansion of the two years of 88 and 89. The new troops established at the time also included the Minnesota Timberwolves (89 years) and Charlotte Hornets (88 years). Heat chose Heat because Miami, another major city of Florida, connects the Caribbean Sea.

      In central areas
      The eagle team-the root of the Atlanta Eagle Team is the Three Tri-CITY City of the Mississippi River (MOLINE, Rock Island in Illinois, and Davenport in Avo Volva. city). The former named Tri-CITY Black Eagle Team, one of the earliest members of the NBA when it was founded. In order to commemorate an excellent Indian tribe chief in American history, Blackhawk. After a short two years in the three cities, the Black Eagle team moved to Milwauki and shortened its name to the Hawks Eagle Team. In 1955, the team moved to St. Louis San Louis and renamed the St. Louis Eagle Team. After spending a successful years in San Louis, in 1968, during the match of the Atlanta Warrior Atlanta Warriors in Atlanta, the broadcaster finally announced that the Eagle Team would be Zaganiateland.

      Bulls -Chicago Bulls joined the NBA in 1966, but it was not the first NBA team in Chicago history. The named Bull should be that Chicago used to be the largest trading place for the East and West Cow of the United States. Every year, the cowboy in the west will bring a large number of cows to Chicago to sell it to the businessmen in the east.

      The Pistons -Detroit Pistons originated from Fort Wayne Ford Veyne. In 1941, it was established by the local car piston Fred Zollner Fred Zollner. The original named Fort Wayne Zollner Piston Ford Veonzler Pamper should advertise for the boss himself. When the team was established, the NBL (National League) was added at the time, and in 1948, the Pistons jumped to the league's competitors BAA (of America). In 1949, the NBL and BAA merged into the NBA, and the Pistons became a member of the central NBA region. In 1957, the Pistons moved to Detroit and renamed Detroit Pistons. It happened that Detroit was the American car city in the United States.

      This team (Pacers) -Pacers was founded in Indiana Polis in 1967. At the time, ABL joined. In 1976, Pacers joined the NBA with the other three ABL teams. Pacers should be more appropriate to translate the horse or the pedestrian, because according to the Indian Polis lawyer Tinkham, the name Pacers was determined by several investors when the team was founded at the time, including Tinkham and Chucks Barnes. Famous horse racing fans. According to Tinkham's explanation, the name Pacers is a horse racing history and 500 (Indian 500 racing) racing history of Harness Racing Pacers. According to Tinkham's memories, Pacers decided when the name was discussed at the time, which was not the main point of argument. At that time, it was for the argument that it should be called Pacers or Indiana Pacers. As a result, I finally decided to be Indiana Pacers.

      The Wasp -New Orleans Hornet is the product of the NBA expansion in 1988. It was established in Charlotte in 1988. The original name was Charlotte Hornet. The Hornets Hornet is because Hornets is an important position in Charlotte's sports history: a low -level league baseball team in Charlotte's history and World Football League are named by Hornets. The WNBA team Charlotte's thorns also went to a similar team name Stings, also referring to the end of the Hornet. In 2002, the Hornets moved to New Orleans and renamed New Orleans Hornets.

      The Bucks -After losing Milwaukee's first team Milwaukki, Milwauki finally established a Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee, in 1968. Many reindeer out of the history of Milwaun. According to the annual book of the Milwauki Bucks from 1969-70, TrebilcoX from WHITEFISH, Wisconsin, was one of the 45 proposals who proposed the name Bucks at the time. Mr. TrebilcoX's explanation to choosing Bucks is that Bucks are a kind of animal that is brave, sensitive, fast, and good at bouncing. This name can help Milwauki into the field of professional sports. Milwaukee also produces wine, which is also the reason for the North American base baseball team Milwaurs.

      Knight -the Cleveland Cavaliers were established in 1970 to join the NBA. It and Portland Blazers and Water Bull City Warriors were the products of the NBA expansion of the year.

      The speed dragon (Raptors) -Aptors should be translated as a speed dragon, not Raptors. Because Raptors refers to the fastest speed dragon in the dinosaur, that is, the little dinosaurs in the last Tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Park. The Speed ​​Dragon Team was founded in 1995, and the Grizzlies were the products of the NBA expanded to Canada. In 1994, the naming, team labels and colors of the Canadian PBF (Franchise Inc.) started a competition called "Name Game" in the country. Most of the final top 10 lists are the names of some animals, including: Beavers Beales, Bobcats Bobcats, Dragons Dragon, Grizzlies Grizzlies, HOGS Bowl (the nickname of Toronto is Hogtown), Raptors Speed ​​Dragon, Scorpions Scorpion, T- Rex Rex cat, wolf spider, and Terriers Trier dog. Finally on May 15, 1994, PBF made a decision to choose the Raptors Speed ​​Dragon Team. The reason was that at that time, the global movie "Jurassic Park" and dinosaur fever were both trend of young people. PBF chose Raptors as the team's nickname to use young fans as the development goal of the team's business market.

      Muzhong district
      Mavericks -Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks (Hong Kong Translated Dallas Lifama team) was established in 1980. In March 1980, the local radio WBAP launched a competition called "Name The Team". A 5 -person committee received more than 4,600 suggestions, and finally narrowed the candidate scope to three: Mavericks Mavericks, WRANGLERS controversy and Express. express delivery. Finally, Mavericks was in full. Mavericks should be interpreted as the calf (horse) that did not burn on the west or the calf (horse) who left the team. Dallas is a city in western United States. Name Mavericks is commemorating the local western denim life. Similar to the local NFL team Dallas Denoco.

      Spurs -St. Antonio Spurs was established in Dallas in 1967, belonging to the ABA Alliance, called Dallas Dallas Jungle Team. In 1970, the team was renamed Texas Dezhou Jungle Team and was still in Dallas. In 1973, a group of San Antonio businessmen bought the Dallas jungle team and moved to the city of San Antonio to rename the San Antonio Spurs St. Antonio Spurs. In 1976, the Spurs and three other ABA teams New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, and INDIANA PACERS joined the NBA. San Antonio is also a city city. The Spurs are the iron thorns that follow the foot of denim's leather boots. It is used to drive Malaysia and commemorate the local denim.

      Rockets -Another Dezhou Team Houston Rockets originated in San Diego. In 1967, they joined the NBA with San Diego and Seattle supersonic speed, named San Diego Rockets San Diego Rockets. Because it was not very successful in San Diego, the Rockets moved into Houston in 1971 and renamed the Houston Rockets. The Astronomy Base in the United States is in Houston.

      Gold blocks (Nuggets) -The Denver Gold Block is not the Denver Gold Block that has played a year in the 1949-50 season in the 1949-50 season. The current Denver Gold Bag was established in 1967 to join ABL, named Denver Rockets Denver Rockets (the NBA team San Diego Rockets was also established in the same year). 7 years later, it was renamed Denver Nuggets Denver Golden Bag to commemorate the gold rush tide of Colorado in the 19th century (Denver, a plateau city in Colorado). In 1976, Denver Gold Blocks joined the NBA.

      Timberwolves -Minnesota Minnesota Timberwolves were founded in 1989. It was one of the two teams of the NBA expansion (the other was the Miami Hot Team). The choice of Timberwolves is also through a "name the team" competition, which stands out from 6076 suggestions (17 of which are submitted). The reason for the final choice of Timberwolves is that the homeland of a large number of Timberwolves in Minnesota is where the wolf group is out of. As the Species Act of 1973 was on the verge of extinction, the public wolf hunter was banned from 1974, and the number of Timberwolves in Minnesota began to grow steadily. In addition, Minnesota is the headquarters of the Wolf Center International Wolf Research Center.

      Sir Sir, Youci, was established in New Orleans in 1974, formerly known as New Orleans Jazz New Orleans. Named Jazz is to commemorate New Orleans as the birthplace of American jazz music. The WNBA team, Cleple Frank Rock, commemorates Cleverly as the birthplace of American rock music. In 1978, the team moved from New Orleans to Salt Lake City in Youthe State and renamed UTAH Jazz Jazz.

      The Grizzlies -the Grizzlies were originally called Vancouver Grizzlies Vancouver Grizzlies. They were founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1995. Like the Toronto Speed ​​Dragon team, the NBA expanded in Canada. It is also the name Grizzlies through name game, because the local forests are spread all over, and the Grizzlies are out of history. Similar to the determination of the Timberwolves.

      The Pacific area
      Lakers -Lakers were founded in Minnespolis in 1947, named Lakers Minne Plus Lakers, and joined one of the predecessor of the NBA NBL. Minnespois is a well -known lake area in the United States with hundreds of lakes. In 1948, the Lakers jumped to BAA at the three teams and other 3 teams at the time. But as the NBL and BAA merged into NBA in 1949, the Lakers also became a member of the NBA. Due to Mikan's retirement, the audience declined and the 1958 baseball team Dodgers Dodge moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles to achieve huge business success. In 1960, the Lakers moved from Minne Plus to Los Angeles and renamed Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers.

      Terbo (Clippers) -the origin of another team in Los Angeles Los Angeles Clippers is not in Los Angeles. The Clippers were built in the Buffalo Buffalo in 1970. Buffalo Bravers Warriors. In addition to the Bulls Warriors in the 70 years, the NBA expansion is now Portland Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Due to the turmoil of the team management, the Warriors in the 76 and 77 years fell into the bottom. With the suggestion of the NBA lawyer David Stern at that time, the Warriors moved from the Bull City to San Diego San Diego in 1978, and the team was also the California businessman Irv Levin. The new boss Levin also renamed the team San Diego Clippers San Diego Express fleet. Because at that time, San Diego was known for its bustling port and seaside place. When he wanted to name, the boss Levin just saw a speedboat into the harbor and set the name to the CLIPPERS Clippers. Although he entered San Diego and the team's performance went up, he still failed to enter the playoffs. In the end, the team was easy to master. In 1981, the team was acquired by Los Angeles's lawyer and real estate tycoon Donald T. Sterling. Due to the weak box office, in 1984, the Saint Diego Clippers moved to Los Angeles and renamed Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers.

      Kings -another California team Kings Kings Sacraono was established in 1948. The team was established in Rochester Rochester Royals Rochester. In the same year, the Royal Team and the Lakers and Pistons jumped from NBL to BAA, but a year later, the NBL and BAA were merged into NBA in 1949. The Royal Team also became a member of the early days of the NBA. In 1957, the team moved to rename the Royals Cindinine Emperor. Although the team's record was good, the great changes in the team made the team jointly acquired by 10 Kansas's merchants in Kansas in 1972. The team also moved to Kansas in 1972 and renamed Kansas City-Meha Kings Omaha The king team later shrunk the name to KANSAS CITY KINGS Kansas City. In 1983, the King of the King was acquired by a consortium from Sakara Moncesto for $ 10.5 million. Until May 16, 1985, the NBA board of directors voted unanimously through the application to allow the king team to move to the California capital Sacraono. Essence

      This Blazers -Portland Trail Blazers Portland Blazers Like the Clippers and Cavaliers, they also established the team's NBA expansion operation in 1970. The renamed pioneer is a person who commemorates the pioneering of the old west in the east of the United States.

      The sun-the Phoenix Sun Team in Arizona was founded in 1968. On April 25th, the ball announced the name suggestion from 28,000 submitted names in the "name-the-team" competition. In the end, the name of the Sun Sun was selected. The sun is one of the three major features of Phoenix: bright sunshine, cool desert and beautiful golf course.

      The ultrasound speed -the Seattle Ultimate Speed ​​Team was founded in 1967. The team's naming was also obtained by public proposal competitions. A total of more than 25,000 suggestions received, of which more than 200 suggestions were "". The reason is that Seattle is the head of the Boeing Corporation of the United States. In the 1960s, Boeing announced that they planned to develop a collaborative sprayer as a supersonic transportation tool. Although the plan for the development of new concept supersonic passenger aircraft has not been realized, the supersonic speed is impressed by the public's minds.

      Warriors -Golden State Warriors were founded in Philadelphia in 1946, named Warriors Philadelphia Warriors (warriors) team. They were members of the BAA at that time. Later Become a member of the early days of the NBA. In 1962, the team moved to Sanfan City and renamed San Francisco Warriors Sanfan City Warriors. Due to the low seat rate of the audience in Sanfan City, in order to attract more audiences, the team across the bay moved across the Bay to Oakland Auckland in 1971 and renamed Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors.

    2. Thirty
      Western alliances:
      1, Phoenix Suns: The team was built in 1968. Phoenix is ​​the capital of Arizona. With the "sun" as the team name is the most representative.

      2, San Antonio Spurs: One of the founding teams of the NBA, the earliest team base in Dallas, the team named "Dallas Oak Team". "In 1973, he changed his name to" Spurs ". "Spurs" is a kind of iron -made horse needle that is nailed to the heel of the shoe. With this as the team name, it can reflect the characteristics of the era of the era of the western United States.

      3, Seattle supersonic (Seattle): The team was born in Seattle, and is the headquarters of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing. When the team was established in 1967, Boeing was developing and manufacturing supersonic passenger aircraft, and the team founded by Boeing also chose the name "supersonic".
      4, Dallas Mavericks: In March 1980, the team owner selected the "Mavericks" as the team's team name among the about 4,600 names collected.
      5, King Sacraonor (Kings): The team is renamed mostly the other teams of the NBA. When it was established, it was called "Rochester Emperor Team". —The King of Ohama ", until 1985 that he settled in Sacramento, and was renamed" Sacramento ".
      6, Houston Rockets: The team was the first to prevail in the army in San Diego. In 1961, the name "Rocket" was even more named after the National Aviation Sky Bureau (NASA) was located. National and Space, National Airlines and Cosmic Navigation Bureau
      7, Memphis Grizzlies: The Grizzlies were born in 1995. At that time, as part of the NBA overseas expansion plan, home was located in Vancouver, Canada, and used it. Western Canada's very representative animal "Big Grizzlies" named the team, symbolizing the power of basketball. In 2001, the Grizzlies moved back to Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and renamed the Memphis Grizzlies.
      8. Los Angeles Lakers (L.A. LAKers): When joining the NBA in 1948, the Lakers were still in Minnesota Apolis, but an aircraft crashed, making the Lakers' boss in pain and moved to Los Angeles in 1960. The name of the team is also a collection of names.
      9, Minnesota (Minnesota): Joining the NBA in 1989, named after a fierce wild animal "Timberwolves" in the number of Minnesota.
      10, Denver Nuggets: Formerly known as the "Denver Rockets", it is one of the founding teams of ABA. After joining the NBA in 1974, it was renamed the "Golden Block Team" because when the US countries developed the West in the 19th century, they discovered gold mines in Denver.
      11, Los Angeles Clippers (L.A. Clippers): Founded in Buffalo in 1970, the team is named "Buffalo Brave Team". After moving to San Diego in 1978, he was renamed "San Diego Skillball Team", and in 1980 to Los Angeles.
      12, Portland Trail Blazers: Founded in 1970, when Portland happened to be the center of the western development. Therefore Characteristics.
      13, Utah Jazz: Founded in 1974, at the time at the New Orleans, the team was named "New Orleans". After the Salt Lake City of Utah, in 1980, he still used the name "Jazz".
      14, Golden State Warriors: Born in 1946 and in Philadelphia, the team is named "Philadelphia Samurai", which is a kind of respect for the Warriors who sacrificed in the American independence war. In 1962, he was changed to the "Golden State Warriors" after the movement of San Francisco.
      15, New Orleans Hornets/OKELAHOMA: In 1988, formed and entered the NBA in Charlotte. The work comes, in addition, there are bee patterns on the city emblem of Charlotte. In 2002, the Hornets moved from Charlotte to New Orleans. In 2005, the team moved to "Oklahoma" due to the Hurricane Disaster that New Orleans had not encountered for a century.
      Eastern alliance:
      1, Miami Heat (Miami Heat): Formed in 1988, the team is located in Miami, a warm and pleasant Florida in the four seasons, so the selected list of many teams was selected as "hot", both It is now showing Miami's climate conditions, and I hope that the team can have a future and flourishing future.

      2, Detroit Pistons: When joined the NBA in 1948, the base camp was in Ford Huaine. The boss was engaged in the piston manufacturing industry. "Pistons" became the team's team name. In 1957, the team still used the name after the team moved to Detroit.
      3, Boston Celtics: In 1946, 11 big ice hockey bosses discussed the establishment of a new basketball alliance, so the BAA should be born. The Celtics are one of the original 11 teams. Because there are many Irish immigrants in Boston, many of them are Celtics, so the team name was "Primitive Celtics" when the team was first established, and then simplified into the "Celtics".
      4, Cleveland Cavaliers: Entering the League in 1970, Cleveland voted in the local voting to the new professional basketball team. One of the votes of the "Knight" was selected.
      5, WANARDS: Joined the NBA in 1961. The team's base camp is also named "Bullette Team" in Baltimore's time, because Baltimo's military demand industry is very developed. After the team moved to Washington, I continued to use the name "bullet team" because it was called "bullets" and had a tendency to violence. It was not until the 1997-1998 season that it was changed to the "Wizards", and some people called the "Witcher Team".
      6, Orlando Magic: The magic team is one of the new army of the NBA and joined the NBA in 1989. Because Disney World Paradise is a large leisure and entertainment venue in Orlando and "Come to the Magic" is the favorite of the Orlando, the magic team is also named.
      7, Chicago Bulls: Joining the NBA in 1966, because of the reason for Flying Michael -Jordan, the Chicago Bulls are definitely the highest popular NBA team in the world. Chicago Animal Husbandry is very developed. The city's professional football team and professional baseball team each have a team named after the name of animals, so the "Bull" has become the team name of the Chicago professional basketball team.
      8, Philadelphia 76ers (76ERS): As an old team in the NBA, at the beginning of the team, the 76ers of the Philadelphia at the time neither set up their home at home nor named 76ers. Instead, it is a very patriotic name -the Syracuse National Team. The Schala Chuz Ethnic Team formed in 1937 merged with the NBL (National Basketball Alliance) and ABB (American Basketball Association). It joined the NBA in 1949. After moving to Philadelphia in 1963 The United States announced its independence in 1776.
      9, Indiana Pacers: There are also Indiana Slide. Joined the NBA in 1976. The English name of the Pacers is "Pacers". The pronunciation is very similar to "PACE CAR". The pilot car that opened the road, its limelight is not allowed to make famous racing cars. The team is named after "Pacers", and naturally she also wants to use the popularity of "Indiana 500" in one fell swoop.
      10, New Jersey Nets: The Internet team joined the NBA in 1976. "Net" refers to "Nets", which is one of the indispensable elements in basketball. The reason why the online team starts on the one hand is to climb the relationship with basketball, on the other hand, because before the establishment of the New Jersey tennis team, New York already had a baseball team METS and a football team Jets. At that time, these two teams They are already full of wings, and the online team starts the homophonic NETS of these two teams. In fact, I also want to touch its light.
      11, Milwaukee Bucks: Joining the NBA in 1968, like many teams who do not know what animal names to name the team. Among a lot of animals such as "Skunk" and "Beaver", they chose a well -bouncing power and a wild "Bucks" in Milwaukee as the team's team name.
      12, New York Knicks: Join NBA time 1946. The correct saying is the "Lantern Pants Team" because there are a large number of Dutch immigrants in New York. "It's just the transliteration of the word" lantern pants ".
      13, Toronto Raptors: The Raptors were born in 1995. At that time, as part of the NBA overseas expansion plan, the home name was collected in Toronto, Canada. , Fast "Dragon" with high speed and high bouncing.
      14, Charlotte Bobcats: "Bobcat", wild animals in the forests of North Carolina, it is good at capturing prey, and has all the habits of cats. The Bobcat team joined the NBA in 2004.
      15, Atlanta Hawks: It was originally named "Three City Black Eagle Team", which borrowed the name of the chief "Black Eagle". After moving to Milwaukee in 1951, he was renamed "Eagle Team". In 1955, he moved to San Louis, and in 1968, he has been using the name "Eagle Team".

    3. Wizards, it turns out that Washington is the bullet team
      and the Nuggets. Before entering the NBA, it was called the Denver Rockets
      The piston was very long. I did n’t change their names, but I changed the place. It turned out that in San Diego
      The first called brave people
      The Lakers also changed the place. In Dallas, called Texas Chabalas, and moved to San Antonio, and changed the Spurs. Moved to Sacraono
      The was the Hornets and changed the place. It turned out to be in Charlotte and only changed to New Orleans a few years ago. And the Cat was established in Charlotte

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