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    Seeking the translation of the new standard university English comprehensive tutorial 2 Unit6 blowing the whistle on soccer


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    1. Blowing the whistle on soccer揭足球的短rn1 A French friend of mine got a big laugh at a dinner party recently with his account of the game of baseball: "Seven guys stand around in a field doing nothing while two of their Teammates Throw the Ball Back and Forth. "
      Is one of my French friends at a recent dinner and laughed:" When the two teammates played back and forth on the court, the other seven guys were while they were on the side. You can do nothing. "
      2 i -its hard to get excited about a foreign sport if you did grow up with it. Now im colorIding with this ate jarrier. I will have no clue whats Going on out there on the "pitch". It seems a good time to blow the whistle on the so -called beautoful. He is difficult for him to be interested in it. Now I am encountered the same cultural barriers. On the June 9th World Cup, the World Cup is about to begin, and I know nothing about the players on the "stadium". It seems that this is a great opportunity to expose this so -called wonderful event. rn3 I have been watching soccer for years and all I can see on the field is 22 grown men in shorts running around madly trying to kick the ball and tripping over each other. I guess the object is to get the ball into the Net (Also Known as the Goal), but if it event, it looks like an obcident.
      . I have seen 22 adults wearing shorts on the court. Run, strive to play the ball and trip to each other. I guess their purpose is to kick the ball into the net (also called the goal), but if it is not happened, the ball is difficult to get closer to the goal.
      4 What we have here, it will seem, is a game of channel.
      . It seems that we are now talking about a movement that won luck. rn5 For an hour and a half, the field is a scene of sheer chaos as the ball sails back and forth and the fans hum some mournful tune of "The Slaves Chorus" from Nabucco. Neither team seems to be in control.
      In a whole and a half hours, there was a chaos on the court: the ball flew around, and the fans hummed a sad song, reminiscent of the "slave choir" in "Nabica". The players on both sides seemed out of control.
      6 the scoring system says it all. Most Finals are 0, 1-0 or 2-1, that game tend to be stand-offs and its a matter to be ahead when time. a good face on it, they call this tension or suspense.
      This points explain everything: most of the ball games are ended with 0-0, 1–0, or 2–1, which means that the results of the game tend to be drawn. If the one wins at the end of the game, it is just because they are lucky. In order to decorate this phenomenon, they call such games "fierce" or "suspense." rn7 Newcomers to soccer – mostly Americans – might wonder how many ways points can be scored. Besides kicking the ball it is permitted to whack it in mid-air with your head, which is not the best use of the cranium, as Doctors Will Tell You.
      The newcomers of football -most of them are Americans -maybe I don't know how many scores. In addition to playing with your feet, it is allowed to use the top ball in the air. But the doctor will tell you that this is not the biggest use of the head. rn8 To be honest, though, many goals are scored by the ball bouncing off random players who get in the way. The crowd loves these, when a defenders leg sends the ball – by chance, of course – into his own net .
      Honestly, many goals rebounded on the goal on the goal of a player who accidentally blocked the ball. The audience likes this kind of goal, especially the defensive players -of course, accidentally -sending the ball into their own network.
      9 Goals are the best of the channel nature of this game. Ninety per center shots (KNOWN As "CHANCES" or, in Hopeless Cases, "Half CHANCES", or Inst) So far off course that they soar deep into the state.
      This best explains the luck of this game: 90%of the shot (known as "opportunity", or if it is not expected, it is called "Half of the opportunity"; called és in France) or blocked, or because the shot was too shot and flew directly to the stands. rn10 If the ball happens to be aimed about right and slips through the forest of hairy legs, its sheer luck. The shooter, or "striker", then takes full credit for this accident, peels off his shirt and sprints around in Circles As Four or Five Fellow Players Jump on his back to try him and get his shirt back on. It's luck. The person who shot, also known as the "striker", will score all his praise because of chance. He will take off his jersey and run around the circle. Let him wear a jersey.
      11 the chaos resumes, the humming in the stands starts up aganin, and the clock Slowly Ticks away Toward 90 long minutes.
      . In the ticking sound, the end of 90 minutes slowly. rn12 Unlike baseball or , precision ball-handling is not a top priority in soccer except perhaps for Thierry Henry and a couple of . Lets face it, God never meant for most of us to control a ball with the feet while running at TOP SPEED.
      Football is different from baseball or basketball. It is not the most important for football to accurately control the ball. Tiri Henry and several Brazilian players are exceptions. Let's face the facts: God never wants us to control the ball with feet at full speed when running at full speed. rn13 a player gets an elbow in the face and goes down writhing. The clock stops while little men with black bags rush over and massage his phony-baloney injury, after which he jumps up good as new. The player who elbowed him Gets Something Called a "Yellow Card", a mild reprimand.
      From time to time, there will be a player's face with an elbow and lying on the grass painfully. At this time, there will be a suspension. Several small men with black bags will run over to massage the players who pretend to be injured, and then he stood up alive. The player who elbowed him would get a "yellow card" thing: a mild punishment. rn14 How can you have a sport in which and are so obscure? Besides the mystery of "injury time", there is something called the "offside rule", which deems, roughly, that the striker cannot receive the ball unless at Least Two Opposing Players Are Ahead of Him. Why not? This Leaves Everyone Perplexed.
      How can there be such vague sports in tactics and rules? In addition to the mystery of "injury time", there is also the rule called "offside", probably refers to the forward of the striker unless there are two players in front of him. Why not? This confuses everyone. rn15 Not to worry – even are at a loss for words. The BBCs voice of soccer, John Motson, notes that there is no "universal " of the offside rule. Imagine real football with no agreement on what "touchdown" means .
      don't worry about -even professional commentators often feel stuffy. John Modson, the famous Broadcasting Corporation of Broadcasting Corporation, believes that "there is no international interpretation" for offside. Think about the real football (that is, the American rugby -translation), there will be no consequences of "holding the ball". rn16 Why does your typical soccer match seem so out of control? Simple. Only one referee is on the field, and he is for keeping 22 hopped-up athletes in line. He allows no backtalk (for this, you get a "Red Card" and A Shower) But most of the - pushing, punching, tripping, kneeing, - Are Committed when Looking. But the fans see them, setting office moans in the sTANDS. What does the football game look so out of control? It is very simple, because there is only one referee on the court, he is responsible for controlling 22 extremely excited athletes. He did not allow the players to raise objections (otherwise he would give the players a "red card" and let him take a shower). However, most of the fouls, such as pushing people, punching people, stumbling, top people with knees, and handball are all performed by the case he could not see. But the fans saw it, so it caused more complaints in the audience.
      17 the myster remains why so many people flow to see this game. I must be missing some.
      has a mystery that has not been solved: Why do so many people swarm to watch this competition? I must have missed something.

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