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    Is the tractor less played? There are not many people who are playing with Hede? Intersection Intersection


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    1. The game introduction Nanning tractor, also known as the Guangxi tractor, is a chess and card game popular around Nanning, Guangxi. The four played the game and used four -pair poker, with a total of 216 cards. Among them, the upper and lower family, the left and right are one, using the game of playing against the home.

      The general tractor play is the main method, which is different from the general game mode because it is added to the general game mode, which is popular and Guangxi.

      Thenan tractor, because of the four -pair game, there are many hands when they first started. And there is no hole card, the dealer is unlikely to lack a flower color, so there are higher requirements for the player's skills.

      game terms 1. Inning: From the four people's combinations enter the table for the game, to all the game time before the table leave the table.

      2. Disk: The game time period from the last card from the license to the last card or before the labor reform.

      3. Rotation: From the collars to the last game time period.

      4. Leading cards: After sending the card from the brand, the first card or the big card is released.

      5. Follow cards: cards outside the card.

      6, card Zhang: Total number of cards.

      1. Send 54 cards for each person, and do not cushion the cards. After posting the card, the card is re -issued within the prescribed time. The game stopped the game three times in a row. If none of them left the table, they clicked and started.
      2. The call (the first set of the bureau is started from 3, after A, then 3 to 3)

      The first lust for the first time in the license plate as the main card, adopt a secret way of screaming Essence Reinforcement: The same person showed the same color 10 after the first lit 10; the opposite master: the same color of the same color than the number of photos of 10 lights before. The first set of anti -owners and villages. 3. The first or last round card of the leader of the card is called the lead card, and the card cannot be thrown. The card must be one of the single, pair, three sons, bombs, or tractors.
      4. The order of the card and the card is the direction of the hand, that is, according to the position of the location of the east, right, north, west, and south. The order should be: East-> North-> West-> South.

      The color, card type, card comparison of cards with cards and leaders, the rules are:

      (1), those with the same flower must be the same color as the same color color as the same color color. For example: Lingle Brand Blint Aakk, Following Brand: 3344

      (2), the owner must follow the Lord: the card of the cards Aakk, the brand red peach 3344
      n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n (3), other cards that are not available enough to make enough number, such as: collar chip, aaakk, follower: 334 blocks of the meal: The same card type and cards with the same number of cards must be followed (including the main card, auxiliary card, single, pair, three sons, bombs, or tractors), such as: collar china 666, and the card of the card 333; The collar chip 999888, then the brand spiny 444555; the cashier KKKKK, and the brand with the brand red peach 7777

      (5), no same card type, no same card number tractor In the tractor with the largest number of cards, such as: red peach cards 3344, 5566, 777888, 991010JJ, AA, and the cards of red peaches, follow the brand Red Peach 777888 or 991010JJ 5566 or 3344 AA; Brand 3344, 555, 888, collar chip kkkk, and brand spiny: 3344.

      (6), if there is no tractor, you follow the right, such as: the collars of the china 444455555, then the card: 336699qq; there are 555, 888, the leader KKKKK, follow the card, follow the card Blinks: 5588

      (7), if there is enough to be paired, you cannot use three sons instead, such as: Summer brand 33 88 999 J, the leader AAAAA, and the brand of the brand. 8899, cannot follow 999J.

      (8), if there is no enough to be right, follow the pair of pairs and single cards, such as: a spagnic brand AQJ9953, a cardiac spiny 4455. 99 other two spiny combinations.

      (9), if there is no one -card card with the same number of cards, such as: a spagnic brand AJ953, a piercing card 4455, then the card: AJ95 or other four enough four enough four enough Zhang's sphere combination.

      The special rules of this paragraph (this rule takes 10 to call the main red peach as an example. For "labor reform", it means "the result of the wrong behavior and being punished by the deck", this result affects all the players of the labor reform. If the two parties have one and only one labor reform, the labor reform will automatically withdraw the license by the server system, and the withdrawal party will be re -obtained by the license party; the three parties who have a labor reform will be sentenced to labor reform; Level 3.
      This to withdraw or remind home to discover the wrong cards. Before the system did not judge the labor reform, the licensee can withdraw all the cards back. Deduct 10 points for each card. For the first withdrawal, you can get a legal time -free time. The same player should withdraw the license and deduction with more than 200 points as cheating processing. When any party winning the game, it cannot get points or game coins. The 400 points should be maliciously withdrawn, and immediately stop the game and dissolve the table combination.
      reminding the family and the card after finding a license to the family, you can remind the home. You cannot remind the cardholder, but you can only remind you after getting a card.
      This on the cap cannot exceed a certain boundary, which is calculated according to the limit value of this boundary, that is, 400 points on the top of the top, and 0 points in the bottom.
      This hosting will enter the hosting state for three consecutive timeout; if the game is ended, if the game has not returned, it will be kicked out of the table. The table continues the game.

      The size of the brand and size rules The size of the main card, the little king, the Zheng 10, the vice 10, the second, the vice, the second, the Q, the J, the 9, 8, 7, 6, the 5, 4, and 3 sidewalks: A, K, Q, J, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. rn牌型单张(任意的一张牌)、对子(2个花色且大小都相同的牌)、三子(3个花色且大小都相同的牌)、炸弹(4个花色且The size of the same size).

      (1), the same brand type, the same color, the secondary card is large in order size, such as: Blint A> Blint K, Blint Aa> Bloachon KK, Blinks AAA> Blinks KKK;

      (2), the same brand, all of which are the main cards, as large as the size of the brand size, such as: red peach A> red peach K, Red Peach Aa> Red Peach KK, Red Peach AAA> Red Peach KKK;

      (3), the same card, the main card is too large, such as: red peaches 3> Red Peach 33> Blint KK, Red Peach 333> Blint KKK.
      The combination of non -"single" cards with non -"single" cards with the same sequence of tractors and the same colorful cards is called "tractor".

      The adjacent cards have the following situations that cannot constitute tractors: Xiao Wang and Zheng 10, Zheng 10 and Positive 10, 10 and 2, J and 9.

      The can form tractors such as: King and Xiao Wang, 223344, AA2233, Aakkqq, etc.
      The tractor passing passenger -type bomb tractor, such as:;

      three, such as: 444555, 555666777 is called 3 consecutive three;

      556677 is called 3 consecutive pairs.

      The sequence of tractor card type: bomb, three sons, pairs.
      The tractor size (1), the same type of card, the same number of cards (the biggest card of the tractor is determined):

      A, the main size of the main card: king, A, A, K, Q, J, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

      B, sideline sequence: A, K, Q, J, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3

      , such as: spades Aakk> Blint 6655, red peach Aakk> red peach 101099;

      (2), the same type of brand type In the same number of cards, the main cards are too large, such as: red peach 5566> Blint Aakk, red peach 55556666> Blast Aaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkn; , The same flower colors, the big names are large, such as: Blinks 555666> Blinds Aakkqq, Blinds 6666> Blint Aakk;

      (4) The same number of cards, the number of cards is the same, the number of cards is the same, the number of cards is the same, the number of cards is the same, the number of cards is the same, the number of cards is the same, They are all masters, big names are large, such as: red peach 555666> Red Peach Aakkqq, Red Peach 6666> Red Peach Aakk;

      (5), the number of cards is the same, card type, card type, The big card is too big, such as: red peach 555666> Blint Aakkqq.

      The game noun explanation card: First of all, when players who play the cards, when they have a colorful side card, other players can play the main card if there is no color card.

      : 5, 10, and k are the branches, 5 are 5 points, 10 and k are 10 points.

      Main cards: The game of each game began to be selected by the main color of the main card, which is the main color of the bureau, and all the cards of the same flower are the main card.

      Cong Lord: 2 and size kings are the main cards in each game, so it is called the common master.

      Single cards: Any card is a single card.

      The cards: two cards with the same color and color are the cards.

      three cards: three cards with the same color and color are three.

      four cards: four cards with the same color and color are four.

      This winning and scoring rules have obtained the right to receive cards.

      The division is: 5 10 k (k is 10 points)
      The number of photos of the last card of the plate is equal to or greater than 2. Do not pad the cards, scoring the scores on your hand. Leisure, the dealer can use the main or sub -card to pick up the bottom. For example, the card of the card is better than the card, which is called "anti -pull".

      . For example: the card is aakk to pick the bottom, the card score is 60 points, then the draw is divided into: 60 × 4 = 240 points.

      This home when the idle family is big, the idle family scores: the previous card points the bottom score; -Lutching the bottom (negative division).
      During the upgrade of the Zhuangzhuang family, the next set is to the house to the house. When the idle home came to power, the next set of the house of the dealer sat in the house (the order and the order of the card).
      The upgrade starts from 3, and then 3 reincarnation after A. The grade required for the upgrade: 160 scorch the home to the stage, over 160 points, jump at a level every 80 points. If the score is negative, 80 points for each negative, the dealer will upgrade to the level

      as follows, and so on:

      If the score is less than 5, the dealer is promoted to level 3;

      . If the score is greater than or equal to 5 less than 80, the dealer will be promoted to level 2;

      If the score is greater than 80 less than 160, the dealer is upgraded to level;

      If the score is greater than 160 less than 240, rotate the dealer;

      . If the score is greater than equal to 240 less than 320, the idle family is upgraded to level;

      Home upgrade 2 levels;

      If score is greater than or equal to 400, the free home upgrade level 3;

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