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    How to set F12002 to steering wheel control?


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    1. Difficulty: Open Options first, and then open Game Settings, you can see the difficulty box, there are four levels, from high to low to AMTEWR, SM P, Possel, World Class (my English is basically wrong, just about it) r) r) r) r) r) n
      S specific:

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ----------------- rnrn进入EA F1 2002 后rn在最上面选择跑锦标赛,单独跑选择赛道跑RACE, 或者Is the network mode, or the driving school driving school, or test day testing the car
      exit the game ---- select archive ----- Options ----------------------------------------------------- --- See the video ------ OK
      ----------------------- set the game ------ replays -------- --Accept
      . Select archives and points
      ---- Edit ---- Create ---- Deldte
      ------- Delete
      choose a racing, driver, and your country
      . If you choose the championship mode
      , then there are two options
      A new season; one is Resume's continued archive of the last time
      The subdivision in Options Settings Subsidiated into
      The computer level or difficulty of difficulty
      1.beginner is primary
      2. Novice is entry
      3. Selection of the game
      three Controls game controllers
      four Display screen display quality
      4.low bottom
      The quality of the five Audio sound
      ---------- ------------------------------------------------ ---------
      It the next is the option of subdivision
      On the first difficulty
      estereling direction control help
      oPPOSITE LOCK opponent lock
      baaking point brake help nbaaking point R nstability stabilizes the body
      Spin recovery when you get out of control at 360 degrees on the track, he will automatically help you return the car back to the right direction
      At the time, everyone will die. nclutch clutch helps
      automatic reverse automatically reverse gear
      damege damage
      damege damage
      ai drivers Stream
      ai Drivers's attack power
      ---------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------
      The rules of Rules
      FLAG RULES competition
      fuel usage fuel consumption level: Normal is normal
      tyre wear tires Damage
      The natural wear of the FailURURURURURES machine
      private test days has its own test racing day
      number of AI Drivers to participate in the game
      race Grid Position. The length of the game
      race length competition: It is a few laps each time
      --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
      adjustment of the third game controller
      Brake brake
      esteer left direction left
      esteer right direction right
      shift u p upper gear
      shift down down gear
      clutch clutch Q
      lcd mode function selection: Enter key
      Request pit notification repair station -occasion NLCD UP pages up: the keyboard upward
      LCD double turning down: the keyboard down
      LCD Increase option value increases: keyboard right
      LCD decrease option value decrease: keyboard left
      in the game channel runway in the game channel On, click the Enter key, and come out a dialogue mode.
      Fuel fuel fuel before the number is how many oils are there, and the number in the back is your current fuel -how many circles you can run
      Tyres tires
      wing the angle of the fixed wind wing
      DAMAGE racing damage
      TC Override does not know
      launch control / starting control system
      RPM Limiter L. R nBrake bias [f] [The proportion of braking to the left
      Brake bias [R]] The proportion of brakes to the right
      look left V see the left
      look right n to see the right
      instant replay Play R
      PAUSE Portal P
      RESTART RACE restarting the game Y
      Rates game controller operating ratio
      digital Steering rate digital handle. R NDigital Bake Rate Digital Handing Host Motor Rate
      DIGITAL ClUTCH Rate Digital Handing Portal Motor Rate
      Speed ​​Speed ​​Speed ​​
      ----------------------- -----------------------------------------------
      Fourth Display Display
      Circuit Detail Line Details
      Player Vehicle Detail's Racing Details
      SHADOWS ECG effect
      other very Details
      image question image quality
      SpeCial Effects special effects
      PIT Crew repair station details
      default view default angle
      mirrs nmovies movie
      message geentre Time -time news
      HEADS Up Display
      BroadCast Overlays
      Speed ​​Indicator KP H mile is still MPH kilometers
      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- rn第五AUDIO 音乐设置rnSPEECH CONTENT 评论员解说时的内容多少rnMUSIC Volume music volume
      sound effects volume sound effect
      ENGINE VOLume engine volume
      Speeech Volume commentator explanation
      ----------------- ----------------------------------------------
      The pressure balance under Vehicle Setup
      downforce priority
      Speed ​​speed gRIP grip
      gearing bias gearbox, the tone is the fastest acceleration, or the maximum speed is the largest.
      accelerated the highest speed of SPEED
      balance balance
      Insufficient steering
      oversteer to excessive
      ride spring
      soft soft stiff hard nest.top.speed maximum speed r How many kilograms of the lower pressure generated by Nest.Cornering
      est.accel [0-150] How many seconds are needed from 0 to 150 kilometers
      telemetry track recorder here you can see specific track data r r r, n Right -click on your satisfactory results, and you can come out of this screen
      time time
      Driver racer name
      vehicle team
      date Periodic period of time
      2 The first time period results
      air atmosphere temperature
      track track temperature
      rain rainwater
      Setups Racing Tuning Archives
      race Race
      -------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      stratege training racing
      Tyres tires Soft soft tire soft tire tire tire The neutral tire WET rain tire Monsoon HARD hard tire
      starting fuel racing the oil before car. 2 How much oil is added to the second station
      stop 3 How many oils are added to the third time
      -------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ rnGEARING 变速箱r n ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ rn AND AERO 机械和空气动力rnBRAKE DUCT SIZE 刹车盘大小rnSTEERING LOCK 方向盘角度可能是最大转向角度
      ENGINE Rev Limit engine maximum power to the maximum power per minute.
      radiator SIZE radiator diameter size
      LOCK differential
      wing fixed wind wing
      anti roll bar NBRAKE BIAS brake allocation Before the brake allocation: Laip
      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- rnTYRE PRESSURE AND CAMBER 轮胎压力和拱度rnCAMBER 调节轮胎垂直面相对与地面The angle of the angle
      tyre presure tire pressure, of course, the pressure is high, the speed is small, the pressure is strong. The realm of the realm
      camber arch. If the wheels are facing, the arches are positive and negative
      The purpose of adjusting the arch is to make the wheels contact the track in terms of width. He is used to adjust the temperature of the tire.
      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- rnSPRINGS AND RIDE HEIGHT 车身高度rnRIDE HEHGHT车身高度rnPACKERS 减震rnSPRING RATE 弹簧劲度Coefficient
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------- rnBUMP DAMPING 吸振阻尼rnFAST BUMP 快速撞击rnSLOW BUMP 慢速撞击rn--- ------------------------------------------------ -------------
      ROBOUND DAMPING rebound damping
      fast Rebound quickly rebound
      slow rebound slow back
      Take the same settings

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