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    How old is suitable for flying chess?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “How old is suitable for flying chess?”
    1. Children in the family began to be interested in various chess games. There are so many chess games in the market, and they have their own characteristics.
      Today, let's list some chess games that are suitable for different ages!
      1 Flying Chess

      This chess is basically no difficulty. It is suitable for children in kindergarten. The rules are simple and the goals are clear. No matter what kind of child, you will get started as soon as you play, which is very fun and fun.
      It flight chess is composed of four camps. It is drawn with graphics with different color aircraft, which supports up to four people to take advantage of one color to play.
      2 Wuzi Chess

      Wuzi chess, which is also a chess game we often played when we were young. Simple and easy to master. It is convenient to play with children, and a lot of fun. Children can quickly enter the role, and at the same time can exercise the child's thinking.
      3 fighting beasts

      The pawns a total of sixteen, divided into red and blue sides, each of which has eight same chess pieces (hereinafter referred to as beasts or animals), arranged according to the strength of the combat power For: Elephant> Lion> Tiger> Leopard> Wolf> Dog> Cat> Rat.
      , as the weakest mouse, it can "prey" the most powerful elephant. Each has its own characteristics and strengths to form a cycle of biological chain.

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