• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

    How much can the four -nation's chess be opened?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “How much can the four -nation's chess be opened?”
    1. Hello, 1. Regarding perspective G: Because the technology is not mature, what does it mean to see through? Just see other three pawns on your computer, that is, this G needs to know the IP address of these three, and then upload it from the server. Obviously this is impossible, so there is no perspective hanging at all. Perfecting is not just rumored, then look at a few perspective G can be used, which is a deception. 2. Regarding the score G: This exists, and there are 4 people G in two people. Now four G general supports the A-B B-C mode (of which B is a row number of more than 100 points or less, A is a score number. C is a passing number), because one account in QQ game can log in to multiple rooms, so the row length B and the passing number C are set to the novice area to the end. Set to lose points, so that B can ensure that B is used as an intermediate number, and the C -losing score is transferred to A. This is the principle of score G. Wild wolf "" "" "royal clan" can be bought on Taobao. But there are a certain period of time. I do n’t know how long it ’s long. As long as the game is updated, G will not be effective. Suggest: If you really like to play military chess, do n’t think of it These things, exercise your own skills, improve your experience is the right way. If you open G, do you think it is interesting to see it? Is it just to satisfy your own vanity? For person, I personally think not to score points. You have to score your own ability to level 38 or more. The above are personal understanding.

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