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    How do GG players modify the game?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “How do GG players modify the game?”
    1. As follows:
      1, take the game [Fast Assault] as an example. Open the GG assistant to find the game in my game.
      2. After opening the game, enter the store. Seeing the above, I only have 500 gems, so let's search for 500 gems first.
      3. Enter the store to buy a prop to increase the box to get gemstone. The item upgrade costs 250, the remaining 250. At this time, my gem became 250, and click the search bar to continue searching 250.
      4, good luck, the only address is found in a data change, then this address must be gemstone. Add a few 0 after the value.
      5. Back to the game, the gem has changed. Then I want to spend money.

    2. GG big player is a mobile game tool software. Here you can experience the fun of massive games, and you can also modify the game with one click. So how do GG players modify the game?
      The Memory Modification Four Modified Modification methods:
      1, conventional search
      2, anti -encrypted search
      3, joint search
      4, blurred search

    3. First of all, the root mobile phone (or download framework)
      Then add GG and the game to the framework
      to open the GG to find the script, it is recommended to find the game in advance
      (Slow) Search for detection, and continue to search until the end is over until the game is completely started (you log in to the server)
      In the runtime script, then you can

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