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    Chess endless dual -car double horse single cannon single killer cracked the car and horse cannon


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Generally speaking, people's common starts about chess formation methods:

      1. Positive cannon (offensive type)

      The starting method of the type, generally the firepower of the head cannon is relatively fierce, and the cannon is directly aimed at the middle road, which is easier to pose a threat to the opponent's veteran. The middle road will be more powerful!

      2, the horseshuma bureau (stable)

      This method is also a relatively stable start. Come over by the artillery, and can make you get out faster!

      3, the starting flying elephant (defensive counterattack type)

      This opening is also relatively stable. Counterattack, first stabilize your own foot and attack the opponent, the way to go behind is also a variety of changes!

      4, the immortal finger road (tentative type)

      This method is more suitable for the red side of the red side. The opponent's way of walking is correspondingly deployed, and you go away after not recommending it!

      5, grammar guns

      This cannon opening is not suitable for the start of the other side as the first gun, the grammar cannon can follow the head gun, or quickly comes out after the horse car!

      6, the palace cannon

      The method of crossing the palace cannon is also not applicable to the start of the opponent as the first gun. Both offensive and defensive!

      7, the bottom guns

      The opening of the soldiers' bottom cannon pose a certain threat to the other party, and it is more suitable for the red side to grab one step!

      8, the big palace cannon

      The start to concentrate the firepower all the way, it seems that the firepower is concentrated. Too recommended!

      9, Shangshi Bureau

      This opening is also a relatively secure start to consolidate the position. The only disadvantage is that it will be slower!

      10, Bianma Bureau

      mamis may start with the start of the start. Swang!

    2. Single strokes in Chinese chess can generally be with single horses, but there are special cases. If the position of the swallow is not good, the single horse may win. This article is the solution of the Ma Qiao Sheng Single of the Chinese Chess Stable. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

      Out, the black stuff did not cross the river, and the black general was not very good. The red horse was excellent and in the position of the spiked horse. It can be said that the black side was already in danger.

      The red side goes first, Ma San enters five steps, and the black side is helpless to 3 to 1 to form the following graphics.

      This red square handsome four in one at this time. The red side can only go 5 to 1. If you go 5 draws 6 or 5 will be retired from 1, then the black side has a horse to step on the twins, red Fang Shengsheng. As shown below.

      The generals of the red square horse five advances and seven generals, the black side can only go back to 5, if you change it, the red side is 4, the black side is 3 to 1, the horse Taxi Gemini , Red Victory.

      The red side then goes away and retreats. The black side can only put 5 to 1, if Ping 4 or Ping 6, the red side can stepping on a two -speed victory.

      The red square handsome retreat, Black side will retreat 5, if it is flat 4, red handsome four level 5, black will retreat 1, red one horse steps on double, fast win.

      The red horse nine advances and eight strokes, and the black dwellings 3 in 1 to form the following graphics. Now everyone is clear at a glance. The veteran and the died of the red side can finally defend. It is necessary to defeat the black side.

      The red side stepping on the double, the black downs can escape, and the red side wins.

      This chess is extremely exciting. Black side cleverly rely on the offensive of the Red Horse and the old coach to win the victory of this game in one fell swoop. a feeling of.

    3. The key is to use artillery to kill the first horse. 1. If the black car eats horses, then draw the artillery and win. 2. If the black car moves to the left side, the Black will win, because the black cannon will win as long as it moves up. The two black cars can not move at all. As long as the black cannon retreats, the red chess cannot win chess
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    4. 1. Two of the car in the car 1

      2. The Ma Erjin Four will 4 in 1

      ① If you change it, it will be 4 draws 5. Entry 1, four troops, five levels, 5 draws 4, Ma Siyi, red victory.

      3. The horse retreats 4 will retreat 1

      4. 1

      6. Ma Erjin Four will retreat 1

      ② If you change it, it will be 4 draws 5, the car is one flat five, the soldiers will be 6, the soldiers are four, 6 will be 6, and 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, 6 will be 6, and 6 will enter. Retreat 1, four in the soldiers, red win.

      7. The horses retreat 5

      ③ If you change it, it will be 4 to 1, the horse five retreats seven, the car will be 5, the car is one level five, the 5th level will be 5, 6, the soldiers are four in one, the 6th retreat, the soldiers are four, and the red wins.

      8. Ma Wujin Seven Car 4 retreat 6

      ④ If you change it, it will be 5 draws 4, the soldier eight flat seven, the car will be 1, the car will enter one, and the 4 will be 4. Entry 1, Ma Qi, Five, 4 draws 5, soldiers four, red wins.

      9. The soldiers entered four, 5 draws 4, Ma Qi retired from eight, and red wins.

      11. Che Six Pingjiu, 8 draws and 7, car nine into seven, 6 to 1, car nine square meters, Hongsheng Ding), Che Six Pingjiu, 3 draws 4, soldiers 4 draws, 8 draws, 7, car, car, car, car, car Nine advances, 7 incoming 1, five advances, 5 draws 4, car nine square meters, red victory.

      12. R n 改 改 r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r 8 8 8 8 8 8 r r 7, black wins.

      14. ………………………… 4 incerta 1

      15. 4

      will be 5 to 1, the car is seven levels, 5 draws 4, the car is retreating eight, and the red victory.

      17. The car seven retreat will retreat 1


    5. 1. Five advances of soldiers will 6 in 1
      2. Cannon Erping four cars 6 input 1
      3. n5. The car will be retreat 1
      6. R n9. The cannon four retirement five vehicles 9 draws 7
      13. Bing Wu Ping Liu (chess (English name: xiangqi [1]), also "Xiangye", Chinese chess, traditional Chinese chess puzzle game, has a long history in China, belongs to the confrontation between the two people One of the game, because the utensils are simple and strong, have become extremely popular chess activities. Chinese chess is a cultural treasure of Chinese chess culture and the Chinese nation. Chess is one of the 78 sports projects officially launched by China. It is one of the official competitions for the first World Intellectual Games. On June 7, 2008, chess was included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists approved by the State Council. [2] [3]
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