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    Both intellectual development toys and game babies love to play. What kind of do you know?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Both intellectual development toys and game babies love to play. What kind of do you know?”
    1. Introduction: As we all know, with the continuous development of our quality of life and economic level. Most parents also buy a lot of toys to their children, so that they can understand more novel toys, so that for some babies, parents will buy them for them to meet their age. Both toys and game babies love to play, so how much do we know about them? Let ’s take a look at the editor.
      . Introduction
      It intelligent development toys and games, as the name suggests, can allow babies to make their brains develop in the process of playing games and toys. As for intellectual development toys and games, it is just a pan -name. It can show that Red Er can also learn relevant knowledge in playing in many forms, so that their brains can be developed. You can guide the little baby to recognize new things and enhance their curiosity to explore the world. For the market in the market, there are different types of intellectual development toys based on different ages.
      . Types
      For a few months of big baby, we can buy some toys such as ring, ball, etc. to cultivate their hearing, and let them feel the shape and color changes. At the same time, when parents use their hands to move the ball, the baby's eyes will follow the direction of the ball. For a little older children, parents can buy some building blocks, music boxes and so on for children. The building blocks can cultivate children's hands -on ability, and the music box can stimulate children to create music talents. At the same time, for children over three years old, Rubik's Cube can help them better develop intelligence and stimulate brain potential.
      . Summary
      Parents will always give their children the best, so at each stage of the child, parents will try to buy some intellectual development toys to help children develop intelligence. At the same time, parents will only pay for their children. They do not pay attention to returns. Their biggest wish is to hope that their children can grow up safely and happily, and children will bring different surprises to their parents at each stage, so that parents will make their parents. Feeling joy in my heart.

    2. Both intellectual development toys and game babies love to play. I know these types: new children can play some hand lobbing bells; a sound of toys, light weight, it can exercise the baby's hand -eye coordination ability; a little bigger a little bigger; The baby can exercise his hands -on ability and the coordination ability of the hand -eye through the accumulation wood; you can play a ball movement for the baby, so that he will continue to enhance the ability when grasping. Mud and other toys.

    3. 1. Monopoly game chess toys. Monopoly game chess toys are a kind of chess and card toys that are particularly suitable for parent -child activities. The chess card contains the world's famous countries and cities. Children have the opportunity to understand the local customs and characteristics of various places through the game. I believe that after playing this game Children's names and characteristics of common countries can be as precious. In addition, the game can also cultivate children's mathematical ability and financial management capabilities. 2. Tea'er Happy Farm Flying Chess. This chess and card toy is suitable for children over 3 years old, and parents need to accompany them to participate. Toy accessories include 1 chessboard, 16 particles and 1 dice.

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