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    About the verses of the elderly accompanied the grandchildren


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    1. 1. What are the verses of grandparents who love their grandson? "" Gift Zhao Book Jingping Two "
      Poets: Zhang Yan Dynasties: Song Dynasty Ten: No
      clear. Mo san Qing shirt covered her career, and Bai Touqing died of unknown.
      2. "Former Hanson Gao Zu"
      Poet: Zhou Yan Dynasties: Tang Dynasty Tracing: No
      Iti to report to the Lord, An Zhiqiang is not sad. The Taigong died of a few knives, and to endure the cup of cups.
      3. "Mrs. Zhang"
      To poet: Zhang Ye Dynasties: Song Dynasty Tracing: No
      Chengfu knows not to avoid, loves the son, so he has a good sage. Live the dream of the earth, the outer edge of the material. The heavens are clear, but it is Chongquan.
      4. "Optor"
      Poet: Li Liuqian dynasty: Song Dynasty genre: No
      Zhongming, my friend's liver and intestine, love son diligently. After the illness, the medicine sac is facing the barrier.
      5. "Gift of Jiang Gongming"
      Poet: Lin Yan dynasty: Song Dynasty Tracing: No
      Resist in vulgar, sleep and listen to the neighbor bell. The paper axis knocked on the sun, and the tea dribble was boiled late. Nanzhai repeatedly recruited, and the words of the words were several peaks.
      2. Describes the poems of grandpa and grandma loved grandson 1. The cold chicken has to eat himself, and the old man has no clothes to hug his grandson.
      The interpretation of "Little Village" from the Song Dynasty poet Mei Yaochen: After the cold chicken found food, he called his companion. And some old people without clothes holding their grandchildren in their arms.
      2. Holding Sun Kanshabu, leaning on Yun Tian. The world is disturbed, and the name is on the one side.
      The interpretation of the "Mountain Residence" from the poets of the Tang Dynasty: Holding the grandson can grow trees, and to care for the farmland with a crutch, the troubles of the world cannot bother me, and the fame is aside. 3. There is no one thing, and Xiao Jiao Sun.
      The interpretation of the "Chuan Summer" by the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi's "Chi Shang Summer": The whole day is sleepy and nothing, and you can only tease the little grandson from time to time. 4, the pastoral erection also calls a calf, the neighbor is also holding the grandson.
      In I do n’t know that Yu is suffering, welcome the horse and ask the cold. The interpretation of the "Lower Return to Pucheng Villa" from the Tang Dynasty poet Xu Hun: The shepherd was shouting his calf, and the old man next door hugged his grandson. People in the village did not know my hard work. Ask the warmth constantly.
      5. Seeing the monarchy in the past, seeing the monarch now. From the Song Dynasty poet Zhang Yan's "The Section Su Hanlin Sending Huang Shi to the two Zhejiang" interpretation: In the past, I saw you marrying a woman, and now you see you holding your grandson.
      3. 7 70 -year -old Zhu Shouzi, grandchildren, five relatives, six relatives, and six relatives, the first month of the first month of the first month of the first month of the first month of the first day of the birthday of Ci Mu Shouchen The old house of the ancestral house in the streets and alleys of the town
      The family members are full of family members to congratulate Shouxingfu as Donghai
      Happy birthday. Shou point
      Huan song and laughing guest to put a banquet to be sincere
      The setting sun is brilliant, the children of the children of the children, Sun Dianshuiyuan
      The family members, entrepreneurship, hard night to feed their children day cultivation farmland
      It seems like Ganquan
      green silk white hair, vicissitudes of the sea, diligent in nourishing, filial piety
      Xinpeng play chess and chess 康 康 康
      Prevary and grandchildren to bless the people in front of the door. Commemorative. Essence If you think about the elderly, you can be happy.
      . The congratulatory words of the grandson of the grandson in the 70th birthday of the elderly, Spring and Autumn, and the years of reincarnation. When Ding Hai came to us with light footsteps, we ushered in another good luck. Days-On the tenth day of the first month, we gathered together to celebrate my grandfather's 70-year-old long life. This is exactly: relatives and friends shared Tianlun music, laughs and laughs! Here, please allow me to represent the whole family and give my friends and relatives with the warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks!
      Ne let us light up the candle of the day together, sing the song of the birthday, and once again wish my grandfather blessing like the long flowing water of the East China Sea, and the Shoubi Nanshan is not old and loose. At the same time Auspicious, I wish each family happy and healthy, developed, and work smoothly! I also wish the small characters grow up healthy and have a successful academic.
      In I announced the beginning of Shouqing's banquet now.
      In the end, please raise a toast frequently, eat and drink well, let us spend this wonderful time together.
      5. Poems to take care of the elderly 1. Shun, one of the five emperors in the ancient times, is the son of the puppet.
      The parents have been filial to parents since childhood. His father was an honest farmer.
      The mother of Shun's mother was often blame and accused his father. Shun has a younger brother, and he often does not respect his father's arrogance.
      only Shun is always the same, not complaining about the heavens, and the parents are as usual. This extraordinary filial piety is moved to the sky.
      Sun when Shun has a generous help when farming under the mountain; there is a god bird to help go to the grass. At that time, Emperor Yao heard that Shun's filial piety, and he sent nine waiters to serve the couple, and married his daughter Emperor Emperor and the female Ying to Shun to recognize his filial piety.
      In Yao also "made" the throne "Zen" to Shun. It was praised that Shun was caused by a civilian to become the emperor's filial piety.
      The poetry praise said: The team farmed in the spring elephant, and the grass poultry was shined; 2. Filial piety of the fifth generation of the Song Dynasty, Yongjia County, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, and a person named Chen Mingkan, who was filial piety because of his affairs.
      This, he served his parents, docile and filial piety, and never let his parents feel worried. When you meet your parents are sick, you will not solve your clothes.
      After the death of the second old man, Chen Kan was distrambled and really did the sage who really did the sage who "did his life, and died." His filial piety was attracted by the entire family as a model.
      So the descendants of the descendants imitated, respecting the elderly and loved the young, the unity of the brothers, the couple in harmony, and the blind date. In the future, the five generations of the Chen family were passed down as a good story.
      The later generations have poetry praise; to the praise of filial piety, the descendants are on behalf of the legacy; 3. During the filial piety of the Qing Dynasty, there were four brothers Wu on the Chongming Island outside the Yangtze River. When he was a child, his parents had to sell them to the rich as a child servant to ask for a way.
      When they grew up, they were all diligent and frugal, redeemed their deeds, returned to their hometown, built a house and married their wives. At this time, they had understood the painstaking efforts of the day, so they scrambled to support their parents in order to show the grace of nourishment.
      This start to determine that each support is monthly. Later, the piety of virtuous filial piety believed that it would be the support at every three months, and the time was too long, so it was changed to one day for each support.
      The later changed to each person to support one meal from the boss. Every five days, the family four -bedrooms gathered together to cook food and support their parents.
      The descendants and daughters -in -law rushed toast, filial piety, and the family is really happy. The two elderly people enjoyed the year, and Fushou ended in the near future.
      Shiyun: Parents are so graceful, and they are not particularly filial. Brother competed for the purpose of the wine, and the pure filial piety returned to the virtuous.
      4. During the Ming Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty, there was a family named Yang in Shaoxing Shanyin, Zhejiang. He married a child's name of Liu Lan. He was only twelve years old, but he was very respectful to his family. Her mother -in -law, Wang, offended her elders. She often scolded her grandmother to "grow old" and regarded it as "burden", and her words were very rough.
      Late at night, Sister Liu Lan came to Wang's boudoir. Wang was surprised and asked why.
      The Sister Liu Lan replied: I am worried that my mother -in -law will not respect my mother -in -law. In the future, my daughter -in -law will be regarded as an example. When you are old, you will see you as "burden". How sad you will be at that time! The mother -in -law's life is a blessing of my family. I beg you to think twice. After listening, Wang suddenly realized, and sighed and sighed with tears: The good words made me not earn! So he changed the former, and treated his grandmother as gentle and respectful.
      . Sister Liu Lan treats Wang. Really; the two -six daughter Ming Yiyi, watching her ancestors scolded her ancestors;
      5. Li Yinglin, the stepmother of Xiaogan's stepmother, lived in Kunming, Yunnan. After his mother died unfortunately, he advised his father to marry again.
      This to support his parents with the income of selling. Although Ying Lin treated his stepmother very filial, his stepmother regarded him as a nail in his eyes.
      Whenever Ying Lin always kneels at this time, respectfully, respectfully, without any resistance. His father believed in his stepmother and took him out of his house.
      Ying Lin still has no complaints. Every year, parents' birthdays are prepared to go home to congratulate. Soon Ying Lin heard that the stepmother was sick, hurried home to take care, and ran to the places at thirty miles away for medical treatment. Regardless of whether the rainy day was so sunny, the stepmother was healed.
      At the same time, Ying Lin treats the child born with a child born with special kindness, and eventually makes the mother -in -law regret it. It is the improvement of this mother and child relationship, which is better than her biological. Later generations praised; do not worry about the mother -in -law who leave the hometown, and go home to serve the medicine soup; take the younger brother to the same person, the mother finally regrets the kindness and will become kind. 6. Kneeling father stayed in the Song Dynasty.
      At the age of seven, the mother died unfortunately, and her father continued to marry. The chrysanthemum does not distinguish the difference between life and treats the stepmother.
      . Her stepmother was poor. One day, his father went out to do business, and his stepmother took the opportunity to sell her as a niece.
      Mussed by, the chrysanthemum's father encountered chrysanthemum during the return. Father and daughter meet, sad and happy.
      Is when the father asked her why she was in this point, the chrysanthemum was tearful, for fear that the stepmother was involved, and the father had to be told. My father was shocked after hearing, and the chrysanthemum was about to redeem it.
      three days later, the father and daughter returned home. His father was very angry when he saw his post -wife and wanted to rest.
      Sechic chrysanthemums saw this, and immediately knelt down for his stepmother. His father was finally moved by his filial piety before he stopped. The stepmother did not have children.
      Perly after his father died, chrysanthemum treated his stepmother and father as filial piety when he was alive. Therefore, the world had a poem and said: a piece of heart is like a stone, and he is still in the same man; Qi Minzi. 7. During the old Han Dynasty, there was a person named Han Bo Yu. He was pure in nature and honored his parents. He was a famous filial son.
      This mother was very strict with him, and a little fault, so he raised his stick to wave. One day Bo was getting sad when he was beating.
      This mother felt strange and asked: "When you hit you, you can accept it, why cry today?" Bo Yu replied: "I feel pain when I hit me often, knowing that my mother is still strong, good health, But today I ca n’t feel the pain. I know that my mother ’s body is declining and my physical strength is weak. So I ca n’t help but shed tears.
      is not unsatisfactory.” It shows that he is very honored with his mother.
      The poetry chant: Mother -in -law is coming.
      6. The verses of the elderly Cai Sangzi Chongyang Mao Zedong is easy to get old and old, Chongyang year, and now Chongyang, battlefield yellow flowers are divided into fragrance.
      The annual autumn wind is not like spring, and it looks like spring light. On September 9th, the Shandong Brothers (Tang) Wang Wei was a different guest in a foreign country.
      The knows the brothers ascended to the heights, and one less person is inserted everywhere. On the 9th, Qi Shan ascended (Tang) Du Mu Jianghan Qiuying Flying flew for the first time, and took the pot with the pot.
      This in the earthly and laughing, chrysanthemums must be inserted. But the sacrifice festival will not be reached and hated Luohui.
      The is only the case in ancient times. On September 10th (Tang) Li Bai made a height of yesterday, and now he will raise it again.
      The chrysanthemum is too bitter, and this two sun yang. On September 9th, the Xuanwu Mountain Outlook (Tang) Lu Zhao's neighboring to overlook the mountains and rivers on September 9th, looking back at the accumulation of wind and smoke.
      The golden flower wine in the country, thousands of miles with sadness and Yan Yantian. On the 9th of Shu Zhong (Tang) Wang Bo, Wang Bo looked at the township on September 9th, and he gave a guest cup in his hometown.
      The people are having suffering in the south, and Hongyan comes from the north. On the 9th day (Tang) Wang Yan Mo will be better than Kyoto, and August Yancao is dead.
      It today in the bottle wine, I don't know if there is no chrysanthemum. On the 9th (Tang) Yang Heng, the yellow flower and the purple chrysanthemums fell, and the chrysanthemums were picked up with the new.
      Is to look at the countryside today, and the dogwood follows everyone. On the nine -day day, Xing Weiting was in Weiting, and the word Wei Anshi opened the autumn festival.
      gold wind floating chrysanthemum, jade dew sobbing branches. Rui Lan Baba, astronomical seven pins.
      The depth should be as soon as he is, and you should not forget to be in danger. Drunk Huayin (Song) Li Qingzhao's fog and strong clouds and sorrowful day, Rui brain sells golden beasts.
      The section is heavy, jade pillowcurrency, cool early in the middle of the night. After Dongli puts the wine at dusk, there is a dark aroma.
      Mo Dao is not ecstasy, the curtain rolls west wind, people are thinner than yellow flowers! In Chang'an, Yangzhou also passed the south of the Yangzhou Wushan Pavilion (Chen Chen) Jiang, who died in the south, and followed the northern geese. How many flowers are blooming today? Drunk Dongfeng Heavy Nine (Yuan) Guan Hanqing wrote Hongye Qingliu Royal Gulf, appreciating the drunk song building of Huanghua people.
      The long goose shadow is thin, and the moon is thin. During the low autumn of the Qingqing, the Liu Han cicada was worried.
      Ninth day (Ming) Vinson three years of Chongyang chrysanthemum, not at home when it is opened. What time is the wine today, suddenly the flowers of the garden.
      Themongyun lingering trees, Tianhan geese gathered in sand. Ascending the infinite meaning, where to look at Jinghua.
      The ninth day of September of the lunar calendar each year is the Chung Yeung Festival in my country. On the ninth September of each year, dogwood is admired, bait and chrysanthemum wine for longevity. The Chongyang Festival is also known as the "High Dean Festival". The autumn is cool and refreshing, and the yellow flowers are everywhere, visiting the mountains, admiring the beautiful scenery of the late autumn, giving people a sense of heart and a sense of heart. "Gao" also has the meaning of high life. People think that "ascending" can be longevity, so Chongyang's climbing is particularly valued, especially by the attention of the elderly. In 1989, the state set Dunyang as "Old Man Day", so the old people have their own own festival.
      The on the 9th of Qi Shan ascending (Tang) Du Mu Jianghan Qiuying Flying Flying, with the guest with the pot. The world laughed at each other, and the chrysanthemum must be inserted.
      But the sacrifice festival will not be rewarded. This is the case in ancient times, why do Niushan alone stick to clothes.
      The September 10th (Tang) Li Bai was ascending yesterday. Why is the chrysanthemum too bitter and suffers from this two sun.
      The September 9th Xuanwu Mountains (Tang) Lu Zhao's neighboring to overlook the mountains and rivers on September 9th, looking at the wind and smoke. There are golden flower wines in the country, and the sorrows of Hongyan Tian.
      This 9 on the 9th (Tang) Wang Bo looked at the township on September 9th. Human sentiment has been hated in the south, and Hongyan comes from the north.
      Nine -day work (Tang) Wang Yanmo will be better than Kyoto, and August Yancao is dead. I don't know if there is no chrysanthemum in the bottle wine today.
      Ninth day (Tang) Yang Heng, yellow flower and purple chrysanthemums, and the chrysanthemums are new. I can't bear to look at the hometown today, and the dogwood follows everyone.
      The on the ninth day, Weitating, the word Wei Anshi, and the nine -opening autumn festival. Golden wind fluttering chrysanthemum, jade dew sobbing branches.
      Rui Lan Baba, astronomical seven pits. Lin Shen should be as soon as he is, and he should not forget to be in danger.
      This Dongfeng heavy nine (dollars) Guan Hanqing titled Hongye Qingliu Royal Gulf, appreciated the Huanghua people drunk song building. Tian Changyan is thin, and the moon falls and the mountains are thin.
      The during the cold and clear autumn, the Liu Han cicada was worried, who would teach white clothes to send wine. The peony was waiting for Yao Wangwei to go to Chuntai, and the shy red face was halfway.
      The vulgarity can peek into gorgeous color, and only treat Tan Lang. Note: After the King of Yao: Yao Chong's family was planted with yellow peony, which is called "the king of peony"; the Wei Zheng family planted purple peony, called "after the peony".
      Tanlang: loved ones. Singing with the old man with Guimeng (limited to cups, talents, open words and rhyme), Tiangong gave me a cup, and the festival feelings Du Mu.
      Who will the rose open without this door? (Guimeng old man) With a smile and a long time, Sao people admire Xue Taocai. One mading and quiet affection, evoking Jiao Rou Rose.
      (White Torchow) Taoyuan Dream won the Nights Cup, and wanted to step by five. Unwilling to go to the East Ray, he still went to the Internet to find flowers.
      (returning to the old man) took a shot and a cup, and was shocked to dream of old poems. Xianxian borrowed and raw flowers, and the ups and downs.
      (White Torchow owner) The soul cup in the grape ditch, the wine beauty gathers giant. Mo asked Dongli Qianju noodles, and Tianshan Flower City opened.
      (returning to the old man) Grape Wine Nights Cup (with sentence), fragrant into the wind and the handsomeness. Gathering Tianshan danced with each other, and the singing woke up Xuelian.
      (White Torch owner) Fengyun poetry compensation for three hundred cups to return to the old rain. The harvest of Ruixue is moist every year, and the peach blossoms are everywhere.
      (returning to the old man) Drunk a cup of Fengyun, and the old dream shows the poem. Yi Qing Chang recalled Dongfang Day, Chunyu's new scenery.
      (White Torch owner) The Dongfang Dingsheng drunk thousands of cups, I admire the white grass. The new pattern of the contestants, the spring buds are dyed with green and different flowers.
      (returning to the old man) Fengyun and East, online forum name. The best friends of Fengyun have a cup, and the poems are comfortable.
      The spring water and spring breeze are green together, and the sun is warm and warm. (Liu Feng) Under the moon, groaning the jade cup, and the mellow urging the fairy.
      This people opened the poems lightly, and the chapter opened for the second time. (White Timori owner) Lanting Xing will have a thousand cups of wine.
      This Moutai flowers are drunk, and branches are scrambling to the jade. (Guimeng old man) Ban Jing Yi was drunk thousands of cups, and returned to the dream Liu Feng.
      The words are relative, and the poetry is just like Jiuquan. (White Timori owner) I accidentally changed the words of the rhyme, and came again: Ban Jing was drunk for thousands of cups, and returned to the dream Liu Feng.
      The words are relative, and the heart flowers just like the hills. (White Grassite) Bai Yunfeng sent a tiger and dragon cup, and the grass -reckless hero picks good talents.
      The ridge Kunlun.

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