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Wow… let's take a closer look at these gifts and why they're so valuable. Ready?

So what does it look like in there?

Shazzie FM

Shazzie FM. My "radio station" with hours and hours of my best talks, teachings, and sharings. Put this on while you're juicing or washing up and let the information and love float into your brain.

Current value $1000s

Guru interviews

Guru interviews. We interview the most amazing people and ask them questions no one else dare.

Listen to Dr John Demartini (of The Secret), Rose Elliot (author of over 60 books), Dr Robert Verkerk (founder of the ANH), Barry Carter (ormus god), Eldon Taylor (Hay House author), Rebecca Lowrie (tantric goddess) and many many more. All when you first join!

In fact, when you join, there's over a year's worth of guru interviews already in there for you right now!

Current value $1000s

Shazzie's Video Log

Shazzie's Vlog. Not seen anywhere else in the world, there are years of my own personal life on video journal here. I don't hold back, and I can't make these public, ever! Every now and then, I'll do a video with some inspiring and well-known person, and I get very up front and personal with them, too!

Current value $1000s


Recipes. A huge collection of raw food and superfood recipes, with full colour photos, hints and tips.

Current value $100s


Articles. 100s and 100s of Visionary In Paradise articles on key success subjects. Stored in an easy-to-search way.

Current value $1000s

Ask the experts

Expert advice. You can scan all the existing questions and answers. There are reams of helpful replies there that may be perfect for where you're at right now. To discover who our experts are, read on.

Current value $1000s


Vouchers. There are always many exclusive vouchers that offer discounts for worldwide leading edge products, courses, and other stuff in the bonus section. In addition, ALL my online courses are available half price to Shazzie's VIP Room members.

Current value $1000s

There is so much free stuff waiting for you, that I can't even estimate its value, it's too much for Shazziebrain to figure out!

You can have all these FREE gifts
that are worth over $10,000

...the second you join Shazzie's VIP Room.
By the way, your investment is as little as just 54 cents a day
or around 35 pence a day*!

*Cost based on annual subscription. Monthly subscription and three-monthly subscriptions are also available. Click here for all your options.

What is Shazzie's VIP Room

First, let me tell you what it's NOT! Shazzie's VIP Room is not a raw food membership site. Yes, there's lots of talk about raw food in there, because raw foods and superfoods can help us so much! But there is so much more to life than what we eat, so...

Shazzie's VIP Room is

"The multiverse's favourite heart-led life mastery club."

Yes, it's a LIFE MASTERY club, and who better to bring together the most cutting edge life mastery tools, information and advice than me, Shazzie.

Who is this Shazzie and why did she
make this life mastery club?

If you haven't heard of me, then let me introduce myself. I'm the author of five real life books, two ebooks (cute, eh!), three life transformation online courses and the hostess of this club. Oh, and I also have my own TV show. And I was one of the world's first bloggers, starting way back in 2000. And I am also the founder of Europe's largest raw food and superfood company, and have turned over many millions in my time there.

I'm here on a mission and my mission is to help you back to the centre
of your own heart, by whatever loving means necessary.

I live in East Sussex, UK, in the woods on 23 acres of shared community land in my own cedar eco home. I have spring water coming out of my taps. I work ten hours a week at the most. I've got a wonderful free-range daughter called Evie. I plant trees and tend my garden. I also have a temple which is open to all for meditation sessions. I work in the shamanic realms, have great friends, start revolutions and sometimes eat too much cake.

So, I appear to be "successful", don't I? But great teachers aren't those who just appear to have it all, they are those who have really learned and remembered the big stuff in life and know exactly how to pass on that wealth of wisdom. Being a messenger is a skill as well as an honour! I often say "I don't know how I'm alive after what I've been through", and I'm not joking, but I'm also not going to go into it here. Needless to say, I talk about some of that stuff in Shazzie's VIP Room because it's all part of my personal transformation, but what happens in Shazzie's VIP Room stays in Shazzie's VIP Room!

I will tell you, though, that I came from very humble yet loving beginnings, spending my first years in a council house near Hull, in the north of England. I was one of those caterpillars who struggled mightily for many years, knowing there was something more to life than chips and gravy, soap operas and dramatic relationships. Meditating and becoming a vegan as a teenager, I didn't want to be a part of the mainstream life I saw before me, but there seemed to be little else to relate to. I withdrew and observed the madness, which was as prevalent in my own head as it was "out there".

When I finally discovered the secrets to an ecstatic life, I became the most happiest of butterflies and I wanted to shout from the rooftops how we are all free, if only we remember how to flap properly! I also fell on my face a few times because it's easy to be ecstatic when nothing's going wrong. Try being ecstatic when the father of your child doesn't want to know you or when your lover dies on you. Now, that's where the work, and ultimately the liberation really is! Because if you can get through stuff like that and still have a smile on your face, you are a fully qualified ecstatic being. But I did say I wasn't going to go into all that, didn't I?…

Over time, I shouted loud and millions of people listened (that Northern mouth was good for something), and I did make huge waves in my field as "raw food author" but it wasn't enough for me. I dabbled in writing about the Law Of Attraction, because it seemed to work so well for me. And at some point, I set about creating Shazzie's VIP Room because I wanted a safe and nurturing place for other caterpillars to wiggle over to while they became butterflies, too.

Shazzie's VIP Room gives you access to all my latest teachings and words of wisdom, and being born in 1969, I am officially now a wise woman.

The first few hundred members were my founder crew. I'm eternally grateful to them all for joining when it opened. It's been a few years now, and new life transformation tools are still being added at an alarming rate. But the way we fill it makes it easy for you to scan for exactly what you want and need right now, so there's no risk of overwhelm. Phew.

What Shazzie's VIP Room will do for you

Shazzie's VIP Room is certainly the most unique resource I know of on the whole interweb for you to get real life transformation results and fast. It's proven, it's loved by its current members and it costs less than a cuppotea when calculated daily.

This is a small list of what you'll gain from becoming a member:


The first thing you'll get is those FREE tools worth tens of thousands of dollars just as soon as you sign up. Bonus!


Get expert advice to keep you on your path
You get access to around a dozen of the world's most ecstatic life mastery experts (see below for more details), and you can ask them any question you like. Remember, you can also check our vaults for old questions that might answer your current problems, and there are reams of answers in there!


Get instant help for any specific issue that's in there
This is heart-led life mastery, so don't expect all "ra ra ra" in Shazzie's VIP Room (but there's a lot of "ha ha ha" and "aha aha aha"). It's all about gentle personal transformation. But it's highly focused, with each personal transformation tool being tagged so you can search for a word or phrase that you want immediate help with or you can have fun playing catch with the tag ball. Of course, you're amazing at some things already, aren't you? We all are. But those little things that trip you up can wreck your life or at least make your path tricky to navigate. This is where these 100s of tagged tools come in. Something's bugging you, you punch it in, and it throws up a bunch of tools to work through. From career advice to weight loss tips and every thing in between, it's all in here. Could life-mastery get any easier?


Learn about the benefits of raw food and how to make it to propel your body to new heights
Like I said, this isn't a raw food membership site. BUT, there are masses of unique raw food recipes and superfood recipes in this club. Each one has a full colour photo and clear instructions, with many hints and tips, too. Then there are the tools in your personal area called My growth zone. This is where we put all our extra interviews and tools. There's a lot of in-depth stuff about raw food, superfoods, herbs and natural medicines in there, and this area gets huge over time.


Discover what it's really like to be a Visionary In Paradise
My personal Vlog page has tonnes of videos on there. Some are just me talking about the exciting life-changing things I'm up to, some are glimpses into my life and the people around me. There are also in-depth interviews on there with some amazing switched on famous people. See me getting licked to death by Glenn Harrold's gorgeous doggie, for one! Hey, if you're committing to be a Visionary In Paradise by joining my club, you want to know what you're aiming for, right?


24/7 love, support and progress
I don't know about you, but I'm way too busy to organise or attend a tele-class or webinar! What if it was all planned and then something exciting like a party came along? What would you do? Miss out on fun because you can only get someone's information at a specific time? You know, I could have easily taken all the tools in this club and divided them into courses, run tele-classes on them, made a tonne of dosh and then repackaged them as "online courses". I know the Internet Marketing drill and there are sides to it that don't look ecstatic or authentic to me! It's just not my style and I know you're way to wise for that faff, too. So think of Shazzie's VIP Room as a 24/7 huge wellbeing personal transformation interactive magazine, which is about the thickness of a double-decker bus with a very friendly conductor, and you'l be somewhere towards knowing what you'll get when you join. Come in any time of day or night, because your social life is way too important for someone like me to mess with it.


An unfair advantage over non-members
This stuff is private, and it stays that way. You won't find all these tools anywhere else and you won't find this kind of help anywhere else. When you become a member of this exclusive club, you will gain knowledge, wisdom and clarity -- fast. This will motivate, encourage and inspire you to start living the life of your dreams. That's what I want from you, that's your pact with me when you join. I don't want you in here if you're not going to use it to make you an even better person than you already are. Deal?


Unique discounts
As an ongoing service to my club members (OK, I call them VIPsters, because they like it like that), there's a whole area dedicated to discounts and offers, and even freebies. Check out the Bonus section when you join and see how much money you can save on things you really want. It's forever changing, so keep checking back on it.

And as an extra gift to you, you can now get all my online courses (real online courses that work!) for half off. Yes, all three of my online courses are half price to VIPsters. That's because I want you to grow as much as possible. And short of coming round to your house and pouring plant food on your head, this is the best I can do.


Access to the most radical stuff around today
You won't believe some of the interviews and information inside the club. I just can't make this stuff public, I just can't! Once, when I did a series of videos with our relationship interventionist, Alex Santoro-Emmerson (Relationship Coach Of The Year, no less), I could only release three of the videos to the public, and I did. But the final one? Man, that was way to steamy to ever go out to The Normals. What would they say? And there's a load of tools like that in here, that I just can't make public. They'll be responsible for your best emotional, mental and spiritual growth, though. I promise you. And of course, there are many huge laughs along the way, because laughter is the best medicine.

Speaking of promises

Shazzie's VIP Room is a real place with masses of life transformation tools, I hope you get that. I'm a real person, well known in my field for leaving no stone unturned when dealing with this thing called life. BUT, if you join my club and then you change your mind, for whatever reason -- don't even give me a reason -- I'll refund you. Simple, and never any questions asked. I'm always happy but I'm more happy when you're happy, so that's my cast iron guarantee to you.

So to recap, Shazzie's VIP Room:

With the best deal working out at just 54 cents or around 35 pence a day, you can't afford not to join, can you?

Here's how to join

Click here to register, it takes just minutes. In a short while, all this will be yours for free….

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So what does it look like in there?

I know what you're thinking. If you could only have a peek! Well, I made this video when we first opened the doors, years ago. It's much fuller now, but you get the drift. Have a look at how beautiful and easy to navigate it is in there!

Join Now

Become an insider today and get on the
life mastery path now, just like these people

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Full of surprises

When you first join, you don't just get all those free tools. You get all this straight away, too:

So the moment you join Shazzie's VIP Room, you get all the stuff I first mentioned FOR FREE straight away, and you get all your first month's worth of tools right away, too.

So what's left?
Shazzie's VIP Room: Month by month

As well as getitng all the FREE stuff straight away, each month you will get all this and more:

Feature Interview

A guru interview with a leading visionary. Each one is like a book in itself.

Vaule $97 per month

Special Report

A special report to propel you forward in a key success area.

Value $47 per month


Last Night A Cucumber Saved My Life

Last Night A Cucumber Saved My Life. A volume of my acclaimed original raw food journal with a twist. (It's been updated to reflect my current wisdom, with comments guiding myself on my raw journey back then.)

Value $67 per month

Plus I am always adding new recipes, articles, expert answers, vlog posts and discount vouchers. When I say you are getting lots of the best personal transformation and life mastery tools out there, I mean you are getting lots of the best personal transformation and life mastery tools out there! Value $*LOTS

It grows perfectly

Shazzie's VIP Room is already packed with interviews, reports, recipes, articles, videos, audio tools, money off vouchers -- and the experts are all present and correct. That's given. But think about how all that wisdom will grow each month and how much you'll grow too by having access to it. It's quite amazing when you count up what I'm offering you here.

The current value of Shazzie's VIP room is over $10,000 and that grows every month. On top of what you'll get as soon as you walk through the doors, each month you'll get more than enough to inspire you and empower you to the next phase in your life! This really is the best way I can help you grow and uncover the real divine you.

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"Giving Eckhart Tolle a Run for his Money"

Love it. Love you. Love me. Love everybody. Love everything. You're a wise old monkey you are! Giving Eckhart Tolle a run for his money!!! Stay beautiful honey... Thank you.

David Trigg, UK


"Thrilled to have so much information at my fingertips"

"Shazzie has been an inspiration to me for many years since I stumbled upon her blog. As a self employed twin mum with chronic fatigue and endometriosis, living with chronically poor health has given me the chance to take reponsibility for my well being; I am now on a sure and certain path to recovery through high raw nutrition and support from experts. Shazzie's VIP Room is just an amazing cornucopia of resources; from recipes to videos, to direct access to a range of fabulous mentors I am just thrilled to have so much information at my fingertips to help my recovery and health journey. I would recommend membership to anyone who takes their health and vitality seriously, and I can't think why you wouldn't! Delve in. Get involved. Love it and live it."

Jo Gifford, designer, writer, blogger, twin mumma and endo warrior in recovery, UK


Because you've got this far, you are certainly the sort of person who will grow fast inside this life-mastery membership site. Here's a letter I wrote, just for your future self!



From the breakfast bar of TV Presenter and author Shazzie, at her eco home, UK

Can you picture yourself a year from now? Having been guided by the best experts, exposed to amazing life secrets, spoon-fed exclusive information that only true visionaries get to know? How great would your life become? How far could you improve on what you have already achieved? How much more could you help yourself and others too?

It's my mission to help people realise their full divine selves. And when you've found the true you under years of programming and self protectin mechanisms, you'll also have a clear mission. Imagine what it could be. Imagine being able to help those who can't help themselves, to be able to create foundations, sacred spaces, charities, safe places, classes, ethical businesses. Shazzie's VIP Room will help you acheive any of those goals, because that's what myself and my experts are all about. We've been there, done it and sold the ebook (I made that last bit up, I haven't sold an ebook on how to create a sacred space, just for the record)!

I like to be surrounded by successful and ecstatic people. When I'm around them, they help keep me on track, and that's when I create the most wonderful life for myself. And I know that people just like you want to be surrounded by great people too. That's what you get in Shazzie's VIP Room. It brings together experts from all the success fields that people like you want to tap into. I know that you want the best, you want to thrive, and you want access to experts who have walked your path already.

And your wish is my command.

Shazzie's VIP Room is a heart-led life mastery private club. It contains my best secrets on Ecstatic Eating, Healing The Whole, Joyful Relating, Blissful Parenting, Creating Your Reality, and Journeys For The Soul. The experts back these categories up with tonnes of questions and answers for you to tap into. You'll also discover how I transformed with raw food, and how you can do it too. You'll get in-depth interviews from leading success coaches, spiritual leaders, and masters of ecstatic living. And it's all just a click away.

Click away

So meet your experts

Being a Visionary In Paradise means connecting with others. I knew Shazzie's VIP Room would be special and I knew needed help. I needed guidance too, so I contacted the most incredible friends and teachers I have encountered and they came together to form your VIP experts. Each one is a unique fountain of information in many key life areas and you can now have direct access to them.

And it's important to note that we are all VIPs. We are one. I feel that we're all sitting in a big circle with you, rather than you watching us on a stage. Indeed, if I could bust out of this page with all my friends, in a circle we would sit! But I haven't mastered that trick (yet!). So the VIP room is our circle. It's a circle of support, growth, and nourishment. We continually share with success achievers like you, nuggets of the best information on a timely basis. You are always growing just a little bit more with us. And when you need to, you can ask any one of us a question, too.

Wherever you are in your life, getting support from like-minded friends is a sign of success and is the best way to capitalise on who you are. And who better to ask than handpicked worldwide specialists across the whole spectrum of VIP living who are walking this path with you?

Here they are...

Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson
Brian's Entrepreneur Entrance

Chief philosopher and voracious reader, Brian has the amazing ability to condense every valuable self-help book into snippets that fit into and enhance your busy life. He teaches through his passion and invites you to "get your wisdom on" for a more valuable and valued life. He works with conscious capitalism, ensuring we all get to where we want to be with love and respect for our neighbors and planet.

Brian JohnsonWould you like to know:

  • How to build the work life of your dreams?
  • How to acquire a philosopher's wisdom in the shortest time possible?
  • How to build your ethical business online?

Then Brian is your man! He's here, and waiting for you!

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Philip McCluskeyPhilip McCluskey
Philip's Love Lounge

Philip used to weigh 400 lbs. and was beyond morbidly obese. He was just about to have a dangerous gastric bypass operation when he was struck by divine inspiration: to eat raw foods! Now half the size, he travels the world offering words of love and support to others who wish to break out of their chains. Philip knows you have it all within you to be the divine being you were destined to be!

Philip McCluskeyDo you:

  • Want direct support from the world's biggest natural weight loss expert?
  • Want weight loss transformation inspiration?
  • Need specific guidance for staying on your weight loss program?

So Philip is here for you. He will inspire you beyond belief and is waiting to answer your questions now.

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Dale PinnockDale Pinnock
Dale's Herbal Mezzanine

Dale has two degrees in herbal medicine, and is a national TV star. Appearing frequently in the media, Dale's bedside manner and super switched on ideas with "medicinal cookery" ensure you will love getting better. Even if you're already well.

Dale PinnockWould you like:

  • To know how herbs can keep everyday illnesses at bay?
  • To learn about plant based medicines as opposed to their chemical counterparts?
  • The inside information on how herbs can accelerate your performance?

Dale can't wait to take your pulse and offer you a nice steamy infusion!

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Rochelle Vincente Von KRochelle Vincente Von K
Rochelle's Rockstar Rug

Rochelle is a Reiki Master and voice and performance coach. She lives a peak life, from performing in front of crowds as big as 40,000 people to recording for days on end without sleep! Understanding the power of our bodies when fueled and loved correctly, Rochelle wants you to get all the juice out of your own life, too.

Rochelle Vincente Von KDo you want to:

  • Leave behind once and for all doubts, fear and confusion so you can find complete success being who you are?
  • Know how to take hold of who are and share it with the world?
  • Maintain perfect pristine health, no matter how busy your schedule?

Rochelle really wants you to thrive in your world, and is here for you to offer her many words of wisdom.

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Dhrumil PurohitDhrumil Purohit
Dhrumil's Spiritual Stairway

Loved and respected in the raw food and alternative health community for his direct and compassionate ways, Dhrumil is here to guide you. He's a spiritual sherpa, one who lives simply and with love in his heart. Dhrumil has the profound ability to know where the easiest path is, and he treads it lightly while showing you the same path.

Dhrumil PurohitWould you like:

  • To learn how to bring spirituality into everyday living?
  • To have access to one of the world's leading conscious business entrepreneurs?
  • To learn from a master of connectors how to build symbiotic relationships with everyone you meet?

Dhrumil has so many business and relationship tricks up his organic hemp sleeve, and he wants to dish them out to you right now.

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Laura BrunoLaura Bruno
Laura's Intuitive Patio

After a brain injury that almost left Laura for dead, she could no longer deny her powerful connection to the source. She is a trained medical intuitive, life coach Reiki Master, and a spirit communicator. She's written three books and has given countless readings that help people rediscover missing parts of themselves. Let Laura help you live your life in the realms of magic and mystery.

Laura BrunoDo you want:

  • Explanations on all the weird and wonderful things that are happening these days?
  • Metaphysical help on any aspect of your life?
  • Clarity on what gifts and services you can offer the world?

Laura is multi talented with her offerings and is raring to work with you today.

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Leo RutherfordLeo Rutherford
Leo's Drumming Den

Renowned and respected worldwide, the author of many books, Leo glows when you speak to him. He was one of the first people to bring the Medicine Wheel to the UK and has decades of transformational experiences under his belt.

Leo RutherfordWould you like to:

  • Shift addictions, neediness, judgmentalness, and master the victim / persecutor / rescuer triangle?
  • To discover how to become younger as you get older?
  • To connect with one of the world's leading experts on the ancient wisdom of the indigenous shaman?

Leo is just bursting to share all his knowledge with you, ask him a question, now!

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Lisa ChristieLisa Christie
Lisa's Abundant Cupboard

Lisa is a Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and qualified Social Worker. Throughout her life, Lisa has been dedicated to helping people to grow and reach a greater level of balance, freedom, and awareness. She has spent many years working with and caring for people in a vulnerable position, including children with learning difficulties such as autism and ADHD as well as people battling addiction.

Lisa ChristieDo you want:

  • Nutritional advice to manage specific conditions?
  • To discover specific foods that will help you accelerate along your health path?
  • Guidance on how to create a diet plan that's easy to stick to?

Lisa wants to connect with you, to love you and to listen to you right now.

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Ruth AllenRuth Allen
Ruth's Inner Sanctum

For decades, Ruth's love has brought people from the edge and back into the centre of themselves. Working with Ruth is a journey of lovingly coming home to yourself.

Ruth AllenWould you like to:

  • Make friends with your emotions?
  • Create unity between your spiritual, physical and practical life?
  • Welcome parts of your body back into consciousness?

Ruth is here for you more than you know. Ask her now.

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Sean HammanSean Hamman
Sean's Shapeshifting Scullery

Shazzie's personal shaman and shaman to the stars, Sean is a master of the plant spirits. His intuition and guidance stems from the practice of presence. From the place of nothingness, everything is revealed.

Sean HammanWould you like:

  • An insight into the world beyond the 3D?
  • Encouragement with stepping into your magnificence?
  • To move through all the fears of letting go to live a truly successful life?

Sean's already met you in other dimensions, but if you want to meet him here, you know what to do!

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Shakaya BreezeShakaya Breeze
Shakaya's Beautiful Boudoir

Love whispers through Shakaya as she moves. The mother and the lover within her creates her. She stands in the face of Western adversity and shows you how to blossom with your family to a depth rarely experienced.

Shakaya BreezeDo you wish for:

  • A deeper relationship with your partner?
  • More love and communication with your children?
  • Truth to permeate your family and friends?

Shakaya has some astounding advice on all aspects of loving relationships, and she can't wait to share them with you now.

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Leo RutherfordSteve Dyer
Steve's Sacred Space

Steve works with nature spaces and plant medicines to help clients discover their true essence. He has studied many aspects of shamanic healing in the past before settling on the work of presence and breath. He will gently guide you from any complex emotions and thoughts to simple feelings of being.

Steve DyerDo you want to know:

  • How to start on your own shamanic journey?
  • How to find real inner peace?
  • Where to start with bringing presence into your life?

Then Steve wants to answer your questions and be your guide right now.

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Victoria LeithVictoria Leith
LittleGuru's Uncommon Sense Sofa

World class body percussionist, singer, and songwriter, Victoria is fully in her zone. She knows it's not what you have, it's what you are that is the route to happiness. She uses unconventional and sometimes controversial wisdom to make life work for her, and she wants to share her tricks with you.

Victoria LeithDo you need:

  • Inspiration with natural child raising?
  • Help on how to really discover your true talents?
  • Guidance on how to live simply?

Then Victoria is here for you, right now.

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And of course me!

Shazzie's VIP Room

Your hostess Shazzie says it all starts with the heart. She's helped millions of people find the beginning of their tether and live the lives of their dreams. She wants you to be aligned to your divine self right now, and will stop at nothing to help those who ask.

ShazzieDo you want to:

  • Live your life successfully while remaining true to yourself?
  • Learn to see the beauty in every situation?
  • Understand more about how the Law Of Attraction really works?

Shazzie is in her VIP room, waiting to invite you in, offer you a glass of love and beam all this and more straight into your heart.

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Oh, but just one more visionary to help you on your journey

Colin Yates CromptonColin Yates Crompton
Colin's Awesome Aquarium

Colin is Shazzie's sidekick. As laughter is the best medicine, you can ask Colin a question when you're feeling glum and he will be sure to pick you up and balance you on his nose. Without a giggle, what are we?

ShazzieDo you need:

  • To smile like when you were a child?
  • To always look on the bright side of life?
  • To click with the world's number one expert on flow?

Colin just can't get enough of your questions, throw some at him now!

How to ask the experts

I created a service to ensure asking the experts is as easy as possible. You simply choose which expert you want to ask. Choose what you want to ask them. Type your question, and press send. That's it. Here's a sneak peek:

Ask An Expert Application

In "Choose Your Path"

This is where you get your personal growth information as well as tips on ecstatic living. All your life-changing information is here. These are some of the areas covered:


Ecstatic Eating: We all know that what we eat alters what we think and how we behave. You can take ecstatic eating to the next level by learning about superfoods, herbs, supplements, raw foods, living foods, and all foods that make you get the best out of life, all the time.


Healing The Whole: Healing one part of our lives is never enough. Discover tips on how to raise the vibration of your whole self, while having a fantastic time!


Creating Your Reality: Everywhere you turn there are secrets behind secrets beyond secrets, but take it from me, my experts have cracked all their codes and sent them packing. Now they're detailing it all for you!


Joyful Relating: No-one is an island and we don't want you to become an outcast in your quest for VIP living. Relating and speaking heart to heart is a practice worth perfecting.


Blissful Parenting: Kahlil Gibran says "Your children are not your children", so we have found ways of relating to small ones that make them truly big.


Journeys For The Soul: Our recommended healing modalities range from Reiki right through to the African rite of passage Iboga, with everything in between. As a Visionary In Paradise, you deserve to know the whole story.

By regularly visiting "Choose Your Path", it'll ensure that you stay ahead of the pack and get the support you need.


Grow Today

But it's not for everyone!

It saddens me to see the low standard many people set for themselves or how easily some people seem to give up. I like to keep my standards high in the sky, way out of sight. That's what a Visionary In Paradise does. There are some people who are destined to stay stuck and never find the road to success or deep happiness, surrounded by peers who act the same. If you are one of those people, then you'll gladly pass this opportunity by. But as I said before, I know if you have got this far, then you are not that kind of person. You are a Visionary In Paradise. You are destined for greatness, whatever that means to you. But only you can decide who you want to be and I can only hold the door open for you. And as soon as you know you are ready, come on in.

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"I just can't get enough."

"I just can't get enough of your products, Shazzie. Anyone who hasn't been in your VIP room just needs to do it now! My wife keeps asking me to choose her another Shazzie Sees card, she says it's uncanny how accurate they are!"

Albert Framer, UK


"You are love."

"I love you Shazzie, and here are some reasons why! You are LOVEly. I LOVE how you spread love far and wide even to us 'strangers'. There probably isn't a way for you to ever know just how much LOVE you have given and spread around the Universe. How cool is that?! I LOVE how you constantly remind me that it's all about LOVE and you do it every day. You are LOVE flying about the place in and out of people's emails and hearts and minds and souls and you fan the sparks of LOVE we all hold inside but sometimes go dim and need a little of your bellows. You bring LOVE to life. Thank you LOVE lady. You are very special."

Laura Merryweather, UK



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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed"My VIP Guarantee"

I'm never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So try Shazzie's VIP Room today and enjoy it. Explore every part as many times as you like, and if at any point you wish to leave, just let us know and we'll refund you that month. If you paid for a year or more, you get 60 days to explore it all. You can even keep all the free bonuses too. I'm ecstatic to be able to offer you this iron-clad guarantee because I know being in this club really works. I'm living proof, my experts are living proof, and you will be too. Fair enough?


Five Good Reasons To Join


Reason Number One: You get to be part of a success group that has your best interests at heart.


Reason Number Two: You have access to the most cutting edge information unearthed by me and my team.


Reason Number Three: You get the support you need at a price you never thought possible and might never see again.


Reason Number Four: I'm putting my "all" into this room so you get to know secrets no one else will ever know.


Reason Number Five: It's guaranteed. I'm backing it all the way.

It's Just So Easy

Bliss U

TV Presenter and Author


PS: Rest assured that by joining Shazzie's VIP Room, you will never have any regrets, because I've guaranteed it. So feel safe to come in, take a look and see for yourself.

PPS: Normally, access to the VIP experts is incredibly expensive. You get access for a tiny fraction of the cost of personal coaching. That alone is worth the price, never mind all the other fantastic resources and freebies I've put in there.

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