Are you waking up to all the illusions and myths in the world?
For instance: that most food out there is actually harmful,
work is really paid slavery, many relationships aren't
actually built on love, the pharmaceutical industry
might not have your best interests at heart, and,
for most people, happiness seems like a
distant, unattainable dream?

Do you sometimes feel like you're stuck in a loop where
there's no escape, and you just wish you could clearly
see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Would you LOVE Unlimited Lifetime Guidance, by someone
who's been there, and who can now help you overcome
issues/challenges with Weight, Health, Finances,
Relationships (including the one with yourself),
Emotions and Career, while remaining
centred in your heart?

Click here to get started now.

Why Life Mastery Isn't As Easy
As Most Life Coaches, Teachers
And Gurus Make It Out To Be.

Are you struggling with weight problems and feeling fat,
puffy and frumpy, hiding beneath clothes that you
swore you'd never wear? No matter what you do,
you just can't seem to get or stay slim and
toned or have beautiful glowing skin?

This is a huge problem in our society. Over 60% of all adults are now overweight, and maybe like you, they are struggling endlessly to release that weight. Maybe you feel caught in a never ending trap of dieting, missing out on the food you love, losing weight and even getting to your goal weight... but then you just pile all that weight back on, and more as soon as you start eating normally again?

Unfortunately, this is normal. The failure rate for diets is 98%. There's just no way to make a 2% success rate look good, and it means dieting is totally pointless and even distructive. It can leave you fatter and puffier than you were before, exhausted and with a shot metabolism.

Worst of all, it leaves you depressed. If you're programmed to believe the only way to lose weight is by dieting, you could end up being stuck in a body you hate -- forever.

Have you slowed down over the years, need to sleep more,
can't keep up with those around you and are trying
to manage niggling pains and illnesses with little
or no success? As soon as you get over one
illness, another one drags you down
immediately after?

When you are ill or feel pain in your body, every part of your life suffers. You cancel events, stop exercising and even stop playing with your kids because your body hurts and can't keep up. Going to the doctors doesn't even help because you just end up with tablets that have such strong side effects that even if they stop the thing that was causing you pain, you often need more pills to heal the side effects of the first pills.

It's a never ending downward spiral that leaves you taking way too many pills -- maybe for the rest of your life -- and worse, you're still in pain and unable to live your life effortlessly and joyfully.

Are you stuck in a dead-end job that doesn't inspire you
to wake up happy each day, yet you're scared to leave
and do what your heart is aching for because you
might not make it?

On the one hand, you may have financial security and can pay for a "distraction lifestyle" that just about keeps your spirits up but on the other hand, you know you wouldn't need that lifestyle if you could do what you really want to do. All too often, fear of WCSS (worst case scenario syndrome) will be holding you back. This is where you think if you follow your dreams and break away from the mould you have poured yourself into for years, that you'll fail and end up homeless, with nothing.

And there's good reason for that fear! Over 98% of businesses fail in their first ten years and many countries are still in deep recession. If you're unresourceful and unprepared (who teaches us this stuff at school?), you are likely to be one of those failures.

It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard edge. What do you do? Keep the job that's destroying your soul and paying you much less than you are worth but at least pays your way or follow your heart to do something bigger, more meaningful and more "you", but risk losing everything?

And how can you ever be happy with either decision if you have kids to look out for? They need security, and happy parents!

Are you worried that if you do any more self-improvement
you'll have to leave behind the people you love?

I understand your concern. I've seen people who claim to be gurus tell people to ditch their family and friends and only spend time with people who think the same as them. Well, if there's one way to stay small as a person, it's by hanging out with only likeminds.

Actually, that's not even possible. You will never think exactly the same as someone else about absolutely everything and so if you adopt this pseudo-spiritual mentality, you'll soon find that you've alienated everyone in your life. Then you're just left with those voices in your own head which can never agree, not even on whether you should eat a cream cake!

Argh, it appears this "fascist" mentality is a dead end when it comes to life mastery, but how do you live happily alongside people who want to remain asleep?

And on the other hand, do you feel frustrated that although
you want to propel yourself, you don't have *any*
support or any "likeminds" around you?

It's widely recognised that we become the sum total of the six people we hang out with the most.

If you're mostly hanging out with bitchy work colleagues, angry people, or even people that haven't made the commitment to wake up and become a conscious being, you'll be left not only frustrated but much less than you could be.

By only surrounding yourself with people who aren't aspiring for more in their lives, you do yourself the biggest disservice of all. But, looking around you, you wonder where are all those aspiring butterflies, the other waking beauties? Surely you can't be the only one!

Have you been trained to believe that self love is narcissism
or the most selfish act of all? When so many people around
you need you, is it fair to ever want any "me time"?

This is one of our society's most damaging assumptions. If you are an empty well, how can you give? If you are a well that's overflowing with love, abundance, joy and happiness, how can you not give?

Though it may look like other people have greater needs than you, they don't, and you have to learn to strike a balance if you're going to master your life.

But how do you do that? Say you have a job, children, a partner, ailing parents, a demanding friend? They all need you! And if you're a rescuer type, it's even worse. You know what will help them, make them better, resolve their issues. You go to massive lengths to sort it out for them and you get more than a little angry when they don't take your sage advice!

Eventually you become tired of trying to help them, and need to take a break from them due to the exhaustion "they caused" you to suffer. Not only do our relationships suffer when we overgive, we teach our children that's the right thing to do to and the circle becomes ever more vicious.

Who Am I, And Why Am I Committed to
Helping You Overcome Your Problems,
So That You Can Become Your True,
Heart-Centred, Authentic Self?


My name is Shazzie and I'm a Sky TV Presenter and author of five books.

During my life, I've had a series of wake up calls. As a child I experienced some horrendous abuse and as a result I decided I'd never impose pain upon any living creature.

In an effort to feel better about my life, I became a vegetarian at 16 and a vegan at 18.

I wanted a different life from that which I saw around me. Yet I was so plugged into the matrix, that it took me many more years and many more wake up calls to fully free me from the shackles I'd created in my mind.

Each of them came with their own set of challenges that shook everything up inside me, allowing even more unresolved stuff to be unearthed and resolved.

As I became more aware, I knew each of these events would make me grow. Yet I wondered if all this trauma would ever end. I even wondered how much longer I could survive -- it was exhausting me. I pursued every healing modality I knew of.

Then one day I woke up and there was no more suffering. My mind was free.

Finally, this lengthy process of waking up was over and it was all worth it because each wake up call made me look at and let go of stuff that wasn't serving me. It all led me further towards living the blissful life I have now. I'm crazy grateful for it!

And the best part is, I got to keep my quirky personality. I didn't have to go to the Himalayas to meditate as a monk with a vow of silence (heaven forbid!). I kept the house of my dreams, the life of my dreams, and I did it all while being a single mum to the most precious person in my world.

So outwardly, nothing had to change. nothing at all. Phew!

In the words of Carl Jung: "Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

Despite my weirdness, lack of resources, imprints,
oddly-wired brain, and huge fears, I managed to turn my life
around because I'd made a pact with myself long ago:
"I want my life to be easy, happy and simple."

Without that sentence worn into the hard drive of my brain, I know I'd have checked out by now. When you've decided you aren't going to fail at this thing called life, you have to look for ways to succeed, you can't keep living in that place of hell on earth any more. Life was a struggle for me. A massive struggle. Yet, as I sit here and write this now, I only remember it as a story.

Today, life is easy. I get what I want. I get help. I get love. I am real. I'm not as scared. Yes, stuff still happens, but I let it go immediately. I don't let it pull me down any more. I can't tell you how amazing that feels after a lifetime of thinking I was living in hell.

What I learned along the way is I don't have to be perfect to be happy and the more I let go of fear and all that stuff, the more successes I had.

Mastering my life transformed me from a zombie
into an internationally sought after superstar!

I'm now a TV Presenter and author, and I live in my million dollar eco home in the UK. I've also written five revolutionary books and have blogged since 2000 (I'm one of the world's first bloggers). I've also written and recorded several guided meditations and apps, one of which has been downloaded around half a million times. I feel accomplished. More importantly, I feel happy.

Shazzie on TVSince the dawn of my transformation I've been featured in the media hundreds of times:

TV shows: The Active Channel (Presenter), Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC Four, Good Food.

Radio stations: Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, many local stations.

Newspapers and magazines: Closer Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Green Parent Magazine, Vegetarian Living, Yoga Magazine, Get Fresh Magazine, That's Life Magazine, The Independent, Woman Magazine, The Guardian, The Observer, The Eastern Daily Press, The Sunday People, Style Magazine, What Medicine?, Natural Beauty and Health Magazine (USA), Natural Health And Beauty Magazine, Time Out (Dubai) and many more.

I am a director of two companies and am the founder of Europe's largest raw food and superfood company. I turned over more than $20m, employed several members of my family and eventually sold the business, paid off the mortgage on my million dollar house and retired aged 43.

I also founded and co-manage The Heart Centre, a shamanic transformation and meditation temple in Sussex. This bit's my karma work, and I encourage you to have a bit of that.

I live in East Sussex, UK, in the woods on 23 acres of shared community land in my own cedar eco home. I work two hours a week at the most. I've got a wonderful free-range, organic daughter called Evie. I have two house-guinea pigs who eat the same as I do. I plant trees and tend my garden. I have great friends, start revolutions and sometimes eat too much cake. I'm crazily happy, in love with life and grateful for every second of my time here on this planet. What I discovered on my long journey worked wonders for me and the people around me, and that's why I'm proud to introduce it to you...

The Ultimate Life Mastery
Club Finally Revealed.

Imagine a life mastery club that:

It took me years of studying, researching, making mistakes and spending thousands of dollars and pounds going on courses, workshops, retreats, therapy sessions, buying self help books, audios and videos to find out the very best way of mastering my life. If I'd had been a member of Shazzie's VIP Room when I got started, things would have been much simpler and cheaper for me, and I'd have reached this blissfully awake state a lot sooner than I did.

Some of the advice I took before I worked out this system left me with little money in my pocket and with a worse state of mind than before.

Thank goodness it can be different for you because, for the first time ever, I'm making all this information available to you with Shazzie's VIP Room heart-led life mastery club.

Let Me Help You Master Your Life
The Simple And Safe Way.

After all these years, I've discovered that there are 3 key steps to mastering your life without going round in loops, ending up on anti-depressants, or going crazy!

1) Master your thoughts

When you allow all thoughts to mingle around in your head you can become very confused. Which is the real you? Exactly how many thought-forms are in there? Who do you choose to listen to, and who do you dismiss? It can start to drive you mad.

So here's the trick...

When you become the observer to the thoughts in your head, you can start to unravel them. Decide which ones serve you. Keep those ones.

If you don't like a thought (if it makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy), recognise it as a thoughtform, some dense energy that's made a comfy home inside you. Say "I recognise you, you are not me, I let you go". Do this with EVERY thought you ever have, and you'll soon gain mastery over your thoughts.

This isn't an easy exercise but it really works. It takes practise, but only for the rest of your life.

2) Count your blessings

Before we've mastered our thoughts, we are unaware of the stories we tell ourselves. "I hate being alone" "I can't stand not having enough money" "If my boss shouts at me one more time..." There's a way to stop the unconscious stories quickly: Counting your blessings. Instead of saying what you don't like, don't want, don't have, don't feel like etc, say what you do like, even if you don't yet have it. In the zone of life mastery, you aren't working against a clock, you work in the realms of timeless magic, where anything can happen because you've stepped out of your own way.

So it's best to do this when you wake up, as you're still in a hypnotic state. Try counting at least ten blessings every morning. Here are a few to get you started:

And so on. If you want to go one step further, write them down. You can get gratitude journal apps these days, which nag you when you've not been grateful for a while. I spent a whole year doing this once, and it radically changed my self talk, which obviously changed my actual life too! Start counting now.

3) Eat raw foods and superfoods with
every meal without fail, and get juicy

If you go to a restaurant, have a salad with your meal and sprinkle on some açai, algae, seaweed and pink salt (I make a concoction of this up in advance and keep it with me at all times for such purposes).

Eat raw chocolate goodies for breakfast (chocfast). Sprinkle maca on your cereal and in your smoothies. Hide hemp seeds in your toddler’s baked beans.

Make sure about 50% of your food comes in liquid form. Juice your greens (try cucumber, celery, coriander/cilantro, garlic, lemon, apples, kale and parsley) and drink 3-5 pints of it daily. Make milks from hemp, flax and chia seeds, with almonds, brazils and macadamias. Strain these through a nut mylk bag and add vanilla, purple corn and other yummies to it.

Spring water comes out of all the taps in my house. If you haven’t yet manifested that, find spring water to bottle and drink and filter your bathwater. Our skin takes in all the chemicals that’s weirdly put into mains water, which then causes us to draw towards us the dense energy that's got trapped inside us.

Continually lighten your physical load, and this will lighten your emotional load. Becoming juicy will give you tonnes of extra energy as you’re not spending so much of it on digestion. It will also help erase old data from your cells. MSM is great for this, too -- try a teaspoon every day for three months to complete an emotional upgrade.

Say Hello!
Shazzie's VIP Room...

  1. Was founded in 2009 and currently has hundreds of members.
  2. Is now only available to lifetime members, due to the HUGE value of resources that are in there waiting for you.
  3. Is a heart-led life mastery club that offers you:

Life Mastery ClubCommunity

Your exclusive forum allows you to interact with other VIPsters (that's what members like to call themselves). It's a private place where you can chat about all the stuff that's coming up for you, the stuff that's worked or not worked for you, where you can offer advice and a shoulder to lean on, as well as where you can get advice and find a shoulder to lean on.

To make it even easier for you to chat, and to get live support and love from each other, I've introduced the Live Chatter Box. You can use this whenever there's someone else in the club that you want to chat with.

Remember: We are here for each other. VIPsters love to support each other through their journey of transformation and beyond.


When you are ready to transform yourself from a struggling caterpillar, you want everything lined up for you all in one place.

Gone are the days where you have to spend hours finding the perfect article, recipe, expert advice, subliminal audio file, radio show, sharing, vlog post, forum post, guidance card etc, it's all here for you. All of it, in one place.

When you come into Shazzie's VIP Room, all my tried and tested transformation tools are instantly available at your fingertips, in one place, searchable by keyword, so you can transform into that glorious butterfly as fast and easily as possible.


Does life mastery feel like a continually moving goal post to you? It did to me. I'd just get one thing sorted and another thing would pop up, along with all my unresolved emotions. My life felt like an emotional whack-a-croc game but my hammer wasn't fast enough to keep everything down.

Having spent a lifetime being overwhelmed with "stuff", it became my mission to find out how move through it, and to help you master your emotions, behaviours and feelings too.

I know you'll love the life mastery tools in here. They are all heart-led (no big words used), work with your conscious and subconscious mind, and can even be used to change your life while you sleep.

Personal Attention

In the forum, there's an Ask Shazzie section. Post your burning questions in there and I'll answer them as fast and as good as I can. I also encourage you to offer your own answers to other people's questions because five hundred heads are better than two ;-)

A Life Map

When you enter into the VIP room, you are in it for life. Each month, for years, you get a set of tools to work through and transform with. You get tools with step-by-step coaching and tips, and you can even access any single issue just by typing it in the search.

Over the years, your needs will change, and I'll be there for you throughout. So when you decide to start a family, go self employed, get a new partner or lose weight, you'll have all the love and support from myself and other members to help you through.

Imagine getting to know an exclusive group of people from all walks of life, from all over the world for ever? Imagine how that can transform you easily and simply over time!

The Most Comprehensive "Life Mastery"
Guidance Ever Created.

Shazzie's VIP Room is certainly the most unique resource I know of on the web for you to get real life transformation results quickly. It's proven, it's loved by its current members and once you're in, you're in for life*.

You'll never fail at this thing called life, not on my watch

Here's a small list of what you'll gain as soon as you become a member:


The first thing you'll get is life mastery tools worth over ten thousands of dollars just as soon as you sign up. Bonus!

Take a look around. Search for stuff you're interested in. Relax into the knowing that you are a member for life, and you will be held through all your transformations forever.


Get expert advice from me (and other members) to keep you on your path.

You get access to me as much as you like and you can ask me any question you like. Remember, you can also check my vaults for old questions that might answer your current problems, and there are reams of answers in there already!


Get instant help for any specific issue that's coming up for you.

This is heart-led life mastery, so don't expect all "rah rah rah" in Shazzie's VIP Room (but there's a lot of "ha ha ha" and "aha aha aha"). It's all about gentle personal transformation, waking up, empowerment and mastery.

It's highly focused, with each personal transformation tool being tagged so you can search for a word or phrase that you want immediate help with. Or you can have fun playing catch with the tag ball.

Of course, you're amazing at some things already, aren't you? We all are. But those little things that trip you up time and again can wreck your life or at least make your path tricky to navigate.

This is where these 100s of tagged tools come in. Something's bugging you, you type it in, and it throws up a bunch of tools for you to work through. From career advice to weight loss tips and every thing in between, it's all in here. Could life-mastery get any easier?


Learn about the benefits of raw foods, superfoods and herbs and how to make them to propel your body to new heights.

This isn't a raw food cub. And yet, there are masses of unique raw food recipes and superfood recipes in this club. Each one has a full colour photo and clear instructions, with many hints and tips, too. Then there are the raw food tools in your personal area called My growth zone. This is where I put all my extra interviews and tools. There's a huge amount of in-depth stuff about raw food, superfoods, herbs and natural medicines in there so you can learn about how it can improve your life at your own pace.


Discover what it's really like to be a Visionary In Paradise.

My personal vlog page has tonnes of videos on there. Some are just me talking about the exciting life-changing things I'm up to, some are glimpses into my life and the people around me.

There are also in-depth interviews on there with some amazing switched on famous people. See me getting licked to death by million-seller Glenn Harrold's gorgeous doggie, for one!

Hey, if you're committing to be a Visionary In Paradise by joining my club, you want to know what you're in for, right?


24/7 love, support and progress.

I don't know about you, but I'm way too busy to organise or attend a teleclass or webinar! What if it was all planned and then something exciting like a party came along? What would you do? Miss out on fun because you can only get someone's information at a specific time?

You know, I could have easily taken all the tools in this club and divided them into courses, run teleclasses on them, made a tonne of dosh and then repackaged them as "online courses". I know the Internet Marketing drill and there are sides to it that don't feel authentic to me! It's just not my style and I know you're way too wise for that faff, too.

So think of Shazzie's VIP Room as a 24/7 huge wellbeing personal transformation interactive magazine, which is about the thickness of a double-decker bus, that has a very friendly conductor, and you'll be somewhere towards knowing what you'll get when you join.

Come in any time of day or night, because your social life is way too important for someone like me to mess with it. (All party invites gratefully accepted!)


An unfair advantage over non-members.

This stuff is private, and it stays that way. You won't find all the personal tools from here anywhere else and you won't find this kind of help anywhere else. When you become a member of this exclusive club, you will gain hard-to-find knowledge, wisdom and clarity -- fast. This will motivate, encourage and inspire you to start living the life of your dreams. That's what I want from you, that's your pact with me when you join. I don't want you in here if you're not going to use it to make you an even better person than you already are. Deal?


Unique discounts, for life.

As an ongoing service to my club members, there's a whole area dedicated to discounts and offers, and sometimes even freebies. Check out the Bonus section when you join and see how much money you can save on things you really want. It's forever growing, so keep checking back on it.

You'll be entitled to 50% off all my online courses. You will also get 20% off all my live events.

That's because I want you to grow as much as possible. And short of coming round to your house and pouring plant food on your head, this is the best I can do.


Access to the most radical stuff around today.

You won't believe some of the interviews and information inside the club. I can't make this stuff public, I just can't! Once, when I did a series of videos with a relationship interventionist, I could only release three of the videos to the public, and I did. But the final one? Man, that was way to steamy to ever go out to The Normals. What would they say? It's the same with all the plant medicine information. I won't talk about that in public, but in this club, it's all there because I know my members are ready and willing to take the plunge to truly master their lives. And there's a load of tools like that in here, that I just can't make public. But I've already said too much...

These tools will be responsible for your best emotional, mental and spiritual growth. You'll learn how to blast away any health, wealth and happiness roadblocks and live the life of your dreams. And of course, there are many huge laughs along the way, because laughter is the best medicine.

As A Member, You Can...

The proven, manageable tools in this club will help you master your life quickly and simply. It's the nearest I can get to holding your hand throughout your life as you embark on the transformation of a lifetime. I’ve only been able to develop this plan as I’ve worked closely alongside thousands of people who have embarked upon the journey of transformation. Shazzie's VIP Room has every base covered from immersion, mastery, community and personal attention for your fastest and most pleasurable transformation possible.

Five Good Reasons To Join.


You get to be part of a life mastery success group that has your best interests at heart.


You have access to the most cutting edge transformation information unearthed by me and my team.


You get the support you need at an investment you never thought possible and might never see again.


I put my "all" into this club so you get to know secrets no one else will ever know.


It's guaranteed. I'm backing it all the way.

Become A LIFETIME Member In My
Exclusive Club And Get All These Tools,
Worth Over $25,000, The Instant You Join.

Here's what's included in
Shazzie's VIP Room.

Shazzie FM

Shazzie FM

Your life-changing "radio station" with hours and hours of my best talks, teachings, and sharings. Put this on while you're juicing or washing up and let the information and love float into your brain, and transform you while you're doing your chores.

Value $890

Guru interviews

Guru interviews

We interview the most amazing people and ask them questions no one else dare.

Listen to Dr John Demartini (of The Secret), Rose Elliot (author of over 60 books), Dr Robert Verkerk (founder of the ANH), Barry Carter (Ormus god), Eldon Taylor (Hay House author), Rebecca Lowrie (tantric goddess) and many many more.

Value $2,900

Shazzie's video log

My vlog

Not seen anywhere else in the world, there are years of my own personal life on video journal here. I don't hold back, and I can't make these public, ever! Every now and then, I'll do a video with some inspiring and well-known person, and I get very up front and personal with them, too! Some vlog posts are like a whole book. You will learn more than you thought you ever needed to with each one!

Value $5200


Raw food and superfood recipes

A huge collection of raw food and superfood recipes, organised into meal types, searchable by ingredient. With full colour photos, hints and tips. Most are written down, and some are on video to mix it up a bit!

Value $284


Choose your path

This is where you get your personal growth and life mastery information as well as tips on ecstatic living. All your life-changing success information is here in this database of 100s and 100s of articles. This database is stored in an easy-to-search way, so you can become inspired, motivated and educated as and when you wish.

The articles are divided into these life mastery categories:

Ecstatic Eating
We all know that what we eat alters what we think and how we behave. You can take ecstatic eating to the next level by learning about superfoods, herbs, supplements, raw foods, living foods, and all foods that make you get the best out of life, all the time.

Healing The Whole
Healing one part of our lives is never enough. Discover tips on how to raise the vibration of your whole self, while having a fantastic time!

Creating Your Reality
Everywhere you turn there are secrets behind secrets beyond secrets. It can feel like a never ending rabbit hole, until you find THE secret. It's not what you may think, but it's here, waiting for you so you can live your dream life.

Joyful Relating
No-one is an island and I don't want you to become an outcast in your quest for life mastery. Relating and speaking heart to heart is a practise worth perfecting, not so you can learn to love everyone, but so you can learn to love yourself. (Yes!)

Blissful Parenting
Kahlil Gibran says "Your children are not your children", so I've found ways of relating to small ones that make them feel really big.

Journeys For The Soul
My recommended healing modalities range from Reiki right through to the African rite of passage Iboga, with everything in between. As a Visionary In Paradise, you deserve to know the whole story so you can choose wisely.

Value $4320

Special reports

Special reports

100s of reports are waiting for you to download them so you can quickly improve any aspect of your life that needs attention.

Value $810

Ask Shazzie

Expert advice with me, Shazzie

You can scan all the existing questions and answers. There are reams of helpful replies there that may be perfect for where you're at right now. And if you can't find the answer to your burning question, just ask away on this private, exclusive forum!

Ask me anything. I've got masses of business, life mastery, body mastery, relationship mastery and health mastery wisdom. I am in the fortunate position where I'm truly "living my dream" and it's my mission to help you do the same.

Value $4480


Community love and support

When you are going through massive personal transformation, you may feel sensitive to the outside world. You may not want to disclose your feelings to your nearests and dearests. Here, I offer you a safe, private and exclusive place for you to express yourself. To share your triumphs, your fears, your hopes your opportunities. Everything... Share and share alike -- my members are your ready-made life mastery friends.

This section is organised into several categories, from "Transformation chat" to "Business chat" and everything in between. It's the heart of the club, because you will attract like minded-people to you who could be extremely useful and supportive in all aspects of your life, as you could be to them.

It's worth joining this club just for the connections you'll make in this forum.

Value $800

Live Chatter Box

Live Chatter Box

So you can always feel connected to someone who is aspiring to be their greatest version of them, I've introduced Live Chatter Box. If someone's online and up for chatting, you can use this feature whenever you want. Remember, this club is open 24/7 and it has members from all over the world.

Value $You can't put a price on friendship

Money off vouchers

Discounts on all my online products

ALL my online courses are exclusively available half price to Shazzie's VIP Room members.

Value 50%

Money off live events

Discounts on all my events

When you come to a live event that I'm hosting, you'll get about 20% off the non-member price, plus some other members-only goodies.

I host some of the most cutting edge transformation and mastery facilitators in the world, so your education can move seamlessly from the computer world to real life should you so wish ;-)

Value 20%

Raw food coaching tips

Five years worth of raw food coaching tips

Get FIVE whole year's worth of raw coaching tips and advice so that you can go and stay raw the easy way without worrying about social situations, what to eat or if you're getting enough nutrients and so much more.

Each issue comes to you monthly, so you don't get overwhelmed. Look for a new one every month in "My growth zone".

This is my original raw food acclaimed journal with a twist. I went back ten years and actually coached myself, which in turn gives YOU masses of coaching tips for your raw food journey.

Keep it close to you as you go and stay raw, so you can make sense of the emotions and feelings that are bound to come up.

Every single thing I ate in that first six months of being raw is in this collection. Compare it to what you're eating, and to my coaching advice that I gave myself ten years later so that you are eating an optimal raw food diet whenever you want, too.

Going raw can change your whole life. It can feel scary, overwhelming and too much sometimes. Having this highly personal serialised diary to hand is like being able to tap into your own raw food buddy, and a wise old raw food coach all at the same time.

Value $4020

Raw food coaching tips

Shazzie Sees -- ask a question and pick a card

You have the power within you to ask the universe any question and get the answer that's right for you at that moment. This is why Angel Cards are so popular. They work with your subconscious mind to give you the answer you seek.

Shazzie Sees works in the same way but digitally. Find the cards on the home page straight after you've logged in. Ask a question. Bring stillness to your thoughts, then click the card for your answer. You'll be astounded by the answer, and able to move on with your life with more clarity and vision.

I recommend you do this once a day but in difficult or confusing times, you can do it more often.

Value $64

There is so much stuff waiting for you in Shazzie's VIP Room, that I can only estimate its current value at around $25,000 but it's probably much more.

Joine Shazzie's VIP Room

Here's what will happen when you click the button below

  1. You'll be taken to my registration page where you will be asked to enter your full name, email address, user name, password and a verification code.
  2. Once you've filled that page in, press the submit button and you'll be taken to my 100% safe and secure checkout page (pictured).
  3. Enter your details into the fields as instructed.
  4. Select your payment method and follow the instructions to make the payment.
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Try Shazzie's VIP Room RISK FREE
for a full 30 days

Are you ready to master every area of your life but you're worried that Shazzie's VIP Room is too good to be true?

Don't worry! Really, I've got that bit covered for you. I am offering you a NO RISK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee. You can try my club for the next 30 days to see if you get the results you want.

If you use the protocols I've included in this system for the next 30 days and they don't start to help you master your life, just let me know. I'll happily return every penny of your investment.

No questions asked and no need to prove you tried and failed.

I'm not scared to take on all this risk myself because I know my system works. It's worked for thousands of people worldwide, and it will work for you.

Is This Club Right For You?

It saddens me to see the low standard many people set for themselves or how easily some people seem to give up. There are some people who will always stay stuck and never find the road to success or deep happiness, and they're surrounded by peers who act the same. If you are one of those people, then you'll gladly pass this opportunity by.

So right now, I want to ask you a really serious question: Just how committed are you to mastering your life? How committed are you to getting the results we've just been talking about? If you're not really committed, if you don't mind if you succeed or fail in your life, then please stop reading this now. This course isn't for you.

If you are committed to mastering your life and getting the most out of every moment, keep reading.

Why Is Now The Best Time
For You To Take Action?

Many people say to me "I'll master my life when I'm not so busy" or "I'll transform and become who I want to be when the kids have grown up" and I look at them! Yes, I give them THAT look! That means "I'll start looking after myself and giving my gifts to the world in a time that doesn't exist". The only time to do anything is NOW! We are on the edge of a planetary emergency. If we don't get ourselves out of those seemingly eternal loops we might reincarnate as a hula hoop! Self love, self respect and self care are the order of the day. When you transform and master your life, everyone you love benefits. If you really love your friends, family and even the planet, you can't play small any longer. It's time for you to pull yourself up and step into the realms of massive personal and global transformation. Now.

You Just Can't Expect Better Results
When You Do The Same Thing
Over And Over….

If you don't want to improve your life now, that's OK. But please consider what will happen if you put this off. You may continue to suffer with problems like:

And that's OK. Really, it is. I know how tempting it can be to procrastinate and put this off. I suffered for years, unable to do anything about the mountain of problems I was carrying around with me because it seemed that stuff came to me faster than I could shake it off. I was a magnet for disaster and thought it was my lot in life! And it's because of that I'm committed to helping people just like you to stop procrastinating and move forward into a happier and healthier life.

When Are You Going To Be
Ready To Change Your Life?

If you're like me, the answer is simple: Enough is enough. Right NOW, it changes.

So, If You've Had Enough Of Trying To
Master Life On Your Own And You
Are Ready For Change, Then Wake
Up, Master And Transform Your
Life With Me Now.

You deserve to feel good, happy, joyful, full of life. You deserve to look ten years younger. You deserve to feel radiant, like a beacon leading the way. You deserve to enjoy everything about yourself. You deserve to have a clear mind, a healthy body and a positive outlook. You deserve to love yourself and your life, unapologetically. You deserve to be able to offer your real gifts to this world. You deserve to feel more than good enough so you can receive all the love and abundance that the universe is waiting patiently to give you. You deserve the very best life has to offer you. And you deserve to do this now, and for the rest of your amazing beautiful awakened life.

I believe in you. I know you've already made the right decision.

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Bliss U

TV Presenter, Author, Business Chica

What The Experts Say

What You Say

Giving Eckhart Tolle a Run for his Money

"Love it. Love you. Love me. Love everybody. Love everything. You're a wise old monkey you are! Giving Eckhart Tolle a run for his money!!! Stay beautiful honey... Thank you."

-- David Trigg

Thrilled to have so much information at my fingertips

"Shazzie has been an inspiration to me for many years since I stumbled upon her blog. As a self employed twin mum with chronic fatigue and endometriosis, living with chronically poor health has given me the chance to take responsibility for my wellbeing; I am now on a sure and certain path to recovery through high raw nutrition and support from experts. Shazzie's VIP Room is just an amazing cornucopia of resources; from recipes to videos, I am just thrilled to have so much information at my fingertips to help my recovery and health journey. I would recommend Shazzie's VIP Room to anyone who takes their health and vitality seriously, and I can't think why you wouldn't! Delve in. Get involved. Love it and live it."

-- Jo Gifford

I get the most amazing inspiration from you

"You know what... I've been on a journey for many years... detoxing, fasting, yogaing, doing enemas, colonics, juices, smoothies, raw, 7 day diets... yet I get the most amazing inspiration from you, Shazzie! You are a light, darling and I would so love to hook up with you one day. You have truly blessed my life and I've truly had a Bliss Breakthrough. Synchronicities and flow abounds, from me adopting a medium-high raw vegan lifestyle inspired by your videos and books, to slowly but surely detoxifying my life with the termination of television and mindless music, toxic "friends" and influences, now my mind and heart and womb are detoxifying as I progress my spirituality and I thank YOU for being a part of it."

-- Madre Gloria

I just can't get enough

"I just can't get enough of your products, Shazzie. Anyone who hasn't been in your VIP room just needs to do it now! My wife keeps asking me to choose her another Shazzie Sees card, she says it's uncanny how accurate they are!"

-- Albert Framer

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